Sunday, September 26, 2010

Warhammer WHFB Primer to 8th Edition Common Magic Items Part 5

Part 5.  Enchanted items.  Some good stuff in here, unlike Arcane items.

Drink the power up, win the game.

Wizarding Hat: 100 points.  The wearer becomes a level 2 wizard with a random lore and gets Stupidity.  This a 'fun' item that fluffy carebears will love.  It isn't competitive by any means, especially based on the points cost, but you will see people play it in fun lists or big group games.  Rating: *

Folding Fortress: 100 points.  Holy moley!  A piece of fortified terrain that you can deploy anywhere in your deployment zone.  In the right list, something with lots and lots of shooting it can become a game breaking bunker.  This requires a specifically tailored list to break, but it is breakable.  Rating: ****

Arabian Carpet: 50 points.  An infantry or monstrous infantry unit gains flying but can't join units.  I guess not everyone gets to use Discs of Tzeentch.  This is pretty expensive, and I'm not sure that is worth the price.  Rating: ** 

Crown of Command: 35 points.  The bearer gains stubborn.  More importantly, the unit the bearer joins gains stubborn.  This is full of win.  A tough, stubborn unit with a BSB isn't going anywhere.  It can create an anvil unit out of a nothing unit, and open up all sorts of different tactical options.  One of the most powerful magic items in the book.  Rating: *****

Healing Potion: 35 points.  One use.  Heal D6 wounds.  Eh.  Only really useful on characters with 4 or more wounds.  Unfortunately on beaters like that, it is a waste of points.  Rating: **

Featherfoe Torc: 35 points.  Flying creatures reroll successful to-hit rolls.  The anti-flying joke continues.  Rating: *

Ruby Ring of Ruin: 25 points.  Bound spell level 3.  Fireball.  This can be really useful for shutting down regenerators.  It is more versatile than the flaming banner, but more expensive.  You have to determine what works best for your army.  Rating: ****

Terrifying Mask: 25 points.  The bearer causes terror but cannot confer his leadership.  Terror isn't especially scary anymore.  I'd pass on it.  Rating: **

Potion of Strength: 20 points.  One use.  +3 strength until the end of the turn.  This is very situational, but when it works it works.  Unfortunately, the Relic Sword is usually better for what you need this to do.  If people still used Bloodthirsters this would be a somewhat useful item.  Rating: **

Potion of Toughness: 20 points.  +3 toughness until the end of the turn.  Not nearly as useful as the strength potion. Rating: *

Other Tricksters Shard: 15 points.  Anyone in base to base contact has to re-roll successful ward saves.  This works best on fighty characters who are built to fight other characters.  This isn't a particularly big niche.  Or even a good niche.  Rating: **

Ironcurse Icon: 5 points.  The bearer and his unit gain a 6+ ward save vs. warmachines.  This is actually really good if you are going to run a big block of infantry.  It's only 5 points and it only has to make one save to pay for itself.  A solid deal.  Rating: ***

Potion of Foolhardiness: 5 points.  +1 attack on the charge and ITP until the end of the turn.  This isn't exactly bad, but it's not exactly good.  Obviously best with a mounted character with a lance.  Compared to other 5 point 'throw-away' items it doesn't compare that well.  Rating: **

Potion of Speed: 5 points.  +3 initiative.  It's pretty good on a cheap character for suicide charging a magic bunker to kill a wizard so he gets his hits in before he dies.  That's not going to happen enough to make it worth even 5 points. Rating: *

Enchanted items have some real winners, especially the Crown of Command.  Crown of Command and Folding Fortress are game-breaking, and Ruby Ring is simply powerful.  Good stuff.

It's been fun doing this series, I hope you guys enjoyed it.

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