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Today in Awful Warseer Tactics Part 2

One of the worst things about war-gaming forums is that it is impossible to tell who knows what they are talking about and who is full of shit.  Often, not even bad grammar will help you tell the idiots from the idiot savants.  I ventured back into the cesspool known as Warseer to glean some sage tactical advice.  As usual, a person asks an honest (but dumb) question and gets a ton of answers.  Unfortunately, most of those answers are terrible.

jspyd3rx: Killin Teclis*Stratigery* for all ArmiesSo any ideas? I see he only has 3x wounds and a toughness 2. Also, no ward or armor saves. A feedback scroll could mess him up if he threw down a bunch of dice. I got greatskull, miscast on 1,2,3 and a hellheart which makes any doubles a miscast. I know he can usually have a lot of power dice with that banner of sorcery, but he can only max out at 12 which shouldn't be a problem. What do you guys have for strategies against him? 

I have plenty of ideas.  If your opponent is dumb enough to use the extra dice banner rather than the 'can't be affected by enemy magic' banner then you kill him with Death Magic.  2d6 hits minus your strength with no saves?  If your opponent is smart and uses that banner then you have to close combat him.  I know that's easier said than done, when he is sitting in a block of Phoenix Guard or Sword Masters at the far back of the table behind a giant unit of Sea Guard.  If you opponent is going to spend 800+ points for a Phoenix Guard unit and Teclis I would suggest ignoring him as much as possible and smashing the rest of the army which you should outnumber significantly since 1/3rd of the army is tied up in a unit that only casts Purple Sun or adds toughness to someone nearby depending on which Lore he takes.  Let's see what great answers he actually received...

W3rm: Fast cheap units are going to be your best bet. I'm talking furies who hit him on 4s and wound him on 2s. Harpies, Dire Wolves, Fast Cav of any kind is youre best bet. 

And then your Dire Wolves charge the Phoenix Guard, get wiped out before they can swing and you lose.  I'm not seeing how this strategy even has a remote chance of working.  Do people really run Teclis outside of a unit where he can be rushed?

ooglatjama: What about units that don't have fast moving units or character sniping? 

What army doesn't have those?  Oh, you probably mean Tomb Kings lists created by bad players that don't use chariots.

Gaargod: Depends...  If he's using lore of life, you have issues. A) You pretty much have to kill him in one turn, because lifebloom will restore him otherwise and b) T6 4+ regen Teclis is no joke.  Assume he will be in a meat grinder unit of death (white lions being most likely, PG also possible). Therefore suicide squads of fast cav are wasting their time unless they're ASF I5+. You'll take too many casualties to kill him.  This tactic can be made viable through characters. Buffs/hexes might make you live long enough, or hitty+survivable characters can beat Teclis over the head whilst your champion takes the inevitable challenge.  You could lob a big killy unit of your own in there. Chaos warriors/Swordmasters/Saurus warriors would do the trick, and might even survive the resulting combat with the meatgrinder. Even a smaller unit might be sufficient to assassinate Teclis.  However, don't expect that will work. A decent player should be able to sto you hitting Teclis' unit, at least if you only have 1/2 units that would pull it off.  Which leaves us with magic/shooting. You could try laser guiding war machine shots onto his head until he fails LOS, but that might take a while. Empire are set with hochland spam, but most armies aren't going to get anywhere with shooting, short of blasting his unit to dust (and hoping he doesn't switch places with Smoke and Mirrors if shadow).  As for magic... Well there's a few options. Dweller's Below with a power scroll/6 dice and pray will remove him 2/3 of the time. Caress of Laniph/Fate of Bjuna also make quick work of him. There are lots of buffs/hexes that might make a suicide charge viable (in particular, Flesh of Stone, Timewarp/Speed of light combo) Other than that, you're stuck with specific army lores (i.e. buboes).  Finally, magic items. Feedback scroll is the best way to knock a couple of wounds off him, but is unlikely to kill him (so useless if life, usually). Other than that, specific items like Stone of Spite, Gauntlet of the Duel, Word of Agony, etc might work. 

Gaargod almost wins the thread by suggesting every possible answer except what is arguably the best strategy, ignoring his unit and killing the rest of the army.  Basically he suggests everything in the game that allows you to snipe characters.  This isn't super helpful unless you're illiterate and don't know what options for character sniping exist.  If he had weeded out the useless options this post would have been useful.

freddieyu: run a few tourneys where SC are not allowed... 

Thanks for that helpful advice on how to kill Teclis.  Go fuck yourself with a comp score sheet.

Dead Man Walking: Once I faced Teclis with my lizardmen and my opponent hid him in a bolt thrower unit and he planned on hopping back to his swordmasters before I got to him. Unfortunately for my opponent I can tend to 'predict' out comes (I have been kicked out of a casino before for predicting the results of the roulette table on a regular basis.) and I knew that if I fired my stegadons bolt thrower at the bolt thrower then Teclis would die. 

No one cares about what you were doing in 7th edition when characters could join warmachine units.  Regardless, your answer to Teclis is to hope your opponent puts him in an easily killed unit and then hope that your bolt thrower luckily hits him.

Macavity: Assassins are an awesome option for this. ASF? Me to! Initiative 4,5? aw... too bad. Chop-chop, no mage. 

Another actual good idea.  Except that you have to get one of your units in base to base with him, which is often easier said than done.  Shadowblade for Dark Elves is a great solution, except incredibly expensive to the point of useless.

Urgat: 20 gobs charge head on in the white lions, throw everything you can at Teclis (should be 6 or attacks), as long as the elf dies, those 20 goblins died a good death, they'll be remembered

There is little chance 6 attacks, assuming you dont get chopped up by his ASF body guard first, should kill him.  Especially if he is T6 at the time.

r3pr3ssor: realise your opponent is a powergaming jerk. walk away.

Why do carebears like this feel the need to ALWAYS post their asinine drivel in every thread about some strong mechanic?

Bloody Nunchucks: the best way to kill teclis, I know cause i play HE's, is to get into combat with some fast calv or an msu that can get to him early iin the game. if he's with pheonix guard then shooting wont kill him and your magic definately wont be enough against a teclis list

What MSU fast cav unit is going to kill Teclis before the Phoenix Guard kill them?
valdrog: In a unit of like 40 Phoenix guard, front rank takenby BSB, Champ, Lord of the White Lions, Lord of the Phoenix guard and there were like 2 more nobles in there. Teclis in the second rank sorrounded by bodies, cant hit him. Teclis takes Lore of Beats and uses just 2 spells, the one where +attacks and +strength for characters, and the one where is +3 toughness for characters. Both ALWAYS go off with IF since he can IF on any doubles and ignores first Misscast. tips?

Since thats 1,400 or so points in one unit killing the other half of the army should be easy to dispatch.

Bloody Nunchucks: give a hero flying and some hand weapons, that will kill teclis if he's in the front rank, which most of the time he actually is.

Stop posting in this thread.  Seriously, you're dumb, kid.

And that's where we end up.  Some correct answers were given, but so many horrible ones were in there that the good is impossible to discern.  And not one person suggested killing the rest of his army if he is using a massive point sink bodyguard unit.


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  1. Yeah but killing the rest of the army is not "killing teclis" and that is what this thread was about. At 2000pts which is when the enemy can start fielding teclis I would have a super blendy vampire lord. Asf, makes enemies asl, red fury...that kind of thing...oh yeah, and enemies lose their stregth bonuses. Yes, so vampire lords are OP...but so is Teclis so its only fair.