Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dark Elves in 8th Pt. 4 (2,500 points)

Like I said in my post about converting my BSB, 'Ard Boyz season is over so the 3,000 point lists can go away for another year.  Since 8th Edition launched right at the start of 'Ard Boyz season I haven't even written a 2,500 point list.  Obviously, I'm limited to the models I own so my 2,500 point list will resemble my 3,000 point list in most ways, though I can buy new stuff if need be.

So there are a couple things I definitely want in the list.  

1.  3 units of Blackguard.  These are my hammer units that kill everything they touch with the exception of Swordmasters.  If they were good at 3,000, they will be even better at 2,500 as my opponents lose 500 points of support that could be directed their way.

2.  Level 4 Supreme Sorceress with Sac Dagger.  Need to have a level 4 to be competitive, and the Sac Dagger combined with Lore of Death will always put me in a situation to have more dice than my opponent.

3.  Lot's of bolt throwers.  I can run 4 bolt throwers or 2 Hydra.  Hydras are really strong, but they don't help me cover my weaknesses.  Blackguard murder what they touch, but they die to elite high elf units, things with impact hits, high toughness enemies like T6+ monsters, and shooting.  The Hydra do help with the shooting a bit, but they don't have anymore game against the units that BG are weak against like Swordmasters, Ogres, chariots.  Bolt throwers solve those.  4 Reapers can reliably do 8-12 wounds a turn to Swordmasters if they concentrate firepower.  

4.  Big magic bunker to power the sac dagger.  Add a BSB into the mix to season.

5.  MSU Crossbowmen.  10 xbowmen in a 5x2 formation can throw out 20 shots a turn.   Their real purpose is to blast away any scouts or fast cavalry that try to flank my magic bunker and/or bolt throwers.

So how would this list look?

Supreme Sorceress                  320
-Pendant of Kaleth
-Sacrificial Dagger
-Level 4

Master                                     155
-Armor of Eternal Servitude
-Dragonbane Gem
-Sea Dragon Cloak

20x Black Guard                       320
-Full Command
-Banner of Murder

20x Black Guard                       340
-Full Command
-Razor Standard

20x Black Guard                       305
-Full Command
-Banner of Eternal Flame

40x Warriors                             314

10x Crossbowmen                    115

10x Crossbowmen                    115

10x Crossbowmen                    115

2x Reaper Bolt Throwers          200
2x Reaper Bolt Throwers          200

Total: 2,499

So that's where my head's at right now.  My big concern is how to deal with gunlines.  Against Dwarves or Goblins or Empire the Purple Sun from the Level 4 can conceivably help, but that's not a given since a fair percentage of the time I won't get it.

I was thinking of using the following deployment formation for the BG so they give themselves cover...

This formation gives 2 of the BG units cover.  I'm willing to sacrifice the leading unit to ensure two full strength units hit home.  If everything goes right, that will be some dead dudes.  They can't do a flee response very easily due to re-direction and standing and firing will still allow the rear units cover.  So again, dead baddies.

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