Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fantasy 'Ard Boyz Semifinal Location Fail

Games Workshop posted the locations for Fantasy 'Ard Boyz Semifinals and ofcourse they picked the most out of the way location ever.  Then again, I am lucky they even have one in my state (sorry, Georgia!)  So the only Florida location is in New Port Richey.  This probably doesn't matter to anyone reading this, but NPR is a horrible location. 

It isn't anywhere near an interstate.  For people driving from out of state (sorry again, Georgia!) or from a different corner of the state there is no way to drive there using interstates for a significant leg.  You know how fun going on a 4 hour road trip is using entirely surface roads?  It isn't.  Had they put the tournament in a centralized location like Orlando, it would have been easy for everyone to get to.  I know they want to spread the tournaments to different stores in the state, but c'mon, you have to consider the logistics of putting the tournament location in a place that is a good 30 miles from the nearest interstate.

I may still go since I have friends I can crash with in the Tampa area to mitigate the distance but I really feel bad for people driving from Miami, Jacksonville, or Atlanta (sorry again again, Georgia!)

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