Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Adepticon and the Future + Black Templar 2k List... for NOVA?

So, as you all know, this has been a pretty rough month for me.  I'll be traveling to Chicago this weekend, but not to attend Adepticon to play Fantasy as I planned, but for more somber circumstances.  I hope everyone going has a great weekend and has plenty of good luck.  My money is on Xaereth to win in 40k and Rhellion to crush face in the Fantasy championships.  Don't let me down!

I was thinking about the rest of the year and planning out my tournament attendance.  June and July are my big months for cycling in terms of racing.  Pretty much all my races will be packed into those two months until the State Championships in October.  So From August -October I'm free.  'Ard Boyz prelims is early August and Semis in mid-September, assuming I make the Semis, ofcourse.  So basically, late August is looking like the best time to attend a tournament, which is perfect for NOVA.  So right now, I'm seriously considering it.  I have a buddy who lives within walking distance of the tournament location, so that is ideal too.  I should know this week if that is happening.

I've been following Laeroth's blog and his development of a 2k Templar list for the NOVA, and I've come to some very similar conclusions as him regarding Templars at that points level.  So I made a list.  It has a bit less gunline firepower, but it trades that for increased forward movement ability and a bit more resiliency. and combat punch.  I feel like with every match having five objectives puts an enormous pressure on your to have a list that can project units downfield while also camping strongly in your side of the board.

So here is my first draft a NOVA list.

EC with AAC - 140
5x Terminators with Cyclones, Tank Hunters -255
4x Landspeeder Typhoons -280
4x5x Initiates w/ Meltagun in TLLC Razorback with Smoke and Extra Armor Searchlights -756
2x5 Initiates with Lascannon -190
3x Predator Destructors w/ LC sponsons and Searchlights -378

Total = 1,999

I kinda like it.  My initial thoughts is if the meltaguns suck, or it turns out I don't need to move those units into the midfield, I can direct swap them for missile launchers and turn it into more of a list that plans to be a gunline.  The Terminators are a lot of points, but I feel they are needed to keep doofuses from just running amok in my back lines.  Thoughts?  

Who knows, maybe by August I'll have a Grey Knights 2k list I'm more excited about.


  1. I'm sorry you're not going man, shitty circumstances for you to miss it :(

    Thanks for the confidence in the 40k though, I'm just hoping I can make it to round 2 :-p

    And as for the NOVA, you should go, I'll be there, and we can play in the Whiskey Challenge (since we're both of us BIG TIME internets celebs, lol). But one way or another, it sounds like it's going to be a blast, despite Stelek's presence, heh.

  2. It seems like you're hindering yourself slightly with your transports. When you use the Smoke Launchers, you can't fire the TLLC, and vice-verse. If you dropped the Smoke then you could give two of your Predators some extra armor which I feel would be of more use.

  3. I didn't know Stelek was going to NOVA. Good stuff. I'd hate to beat him.

  4. I'm definitely leaning towards going to the NOVA. If my buddy in DC is really within walking distance and has room for me to crash, it's a no brainer.

  5. A slight error sir. CML Terminators with Tank Hunters are 265 points. Other than that, I don't see any huge inefficiencies or critical needs in the list. :)

  6. Meh, can't say I am a huge fan of this list. I think it will do well against most, but when you start running into top tier lists I think it will have problems.

    Just seems like it has too much reliance on AV 10-11 stuff and the stuff that falls out is very week.