Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thank God You Wanted To See Another Grey Knights Post...

...because that's what you're getting.  Luckily, I am the only person on the 40k blogosphere who is even talking about this release, much less making lists for them.  I feel bad that GW's newest codex is being so thoroughly ignored by the community.  And I'm also glad because I would never want to nauseate everyone with yet another list if every other site was pumping them out.


So in my previous GK post I basically made a list of things I wanted in my list.  I think I made a list that does that.  Here it is...

5x8x Purifiers w/ 5x Halberds, 1x Hammers, 2x Psycannons in Rhino w/ Dozer Blade
3x Psyfle Dreads
3x Venerable Pysfle Dreads

It's a straight-forward list.  My concerns are two-fold: that it doesn't have enough firepower.  10 psycannons and 12 TL-psy-autocannons seems like a lot on paper, but when I compare it to my current BT 'Ard Boyz list it definitely comes up lacking in terms of numbers.  My second concern is it doesn't have much resiliency.  With the heaviest armor being AV12 and only 40 MEQ bodies I feel like even with Fortitude it will be an easy army to suppress and destroy.

On the plus side, it is very, very balanced.  Its shooting is capable of taking out heavy mech, light mech, monstrous creatures, and infantry rather well.  Additionally, it packs significantly more close combat punch than most lists with similar levels of firepower.  

Other ideas I kicked around: dropping the 3 Ven dreads and adding a Librarian with Shrouding and 2x Stormravens withs psybolts and dakka weapons.  This idea was cute and added overall firepower, but made the army even easier to suppress, even with Shrouding.

I don't think it's a tricky list at all in terms of interactions between units, but it should be solid.  The one thing I like most about it is how it looks and feels like an actual cohesive army.  So many GK lists I see mix one assassin here, acolyte unit there, random inquisitor etc.  They seem like lists that 'fee' like a battleforce made up of bad units from difference codices, whereas this one feels at least like it's a real army.  Maybe it's just my imagination?  Either way, I can't wait until March 31 so I can start assembling and playing


  1. Was there a survery asking us what we want or something? Because I am pretty sure I want O&G stuff, not stinking GK stuff! Or do I? I don't know, I am confused...I think.

  2. GK are deceptive. You can easily spend 1000 points on 3 models, I swear. Worried about bodies/numbers? bahhahahaha, you are funny. You only NEED 2 GK dudes to take out the entire world, yanno...

    sorry, being obnoxious. but it's sorta true.