Friday, March 25, 2011

WHFB: Orcs and Goblins 8th Edition List Idea

So you want to see my thoughts on an OnG list using the new book.  There are tons of good ideas for lists honestly, but this is the straight-forward and obvious approach.  It isn't very subtle but it has some tricks and it pretty nasty for a 2k list.  I shudder to think of what it would be scaled up to 'Ard Boyz level.

What it is: 

Night Goblin Great Shaman
Dispell Scroll

[Pretty standard OnG caster.  Why not an Orc?  Because as you'll see, we want Curse of Da Bad Moon.  Don't expect any miracles in magic, this primarily exists for anti-magic, but if you can get off Itchy Nuisance a couple times per game, it's a bonus]

Night Goblin Shaman

Night Goblin Shaman
-Power Scroll

[The Plan is to get Curse of Da Bad Moon on the scroll bearer.  You should roll his spells last obviously, and switch out any 6's before he rolls.  He will have a pretty high chance of getting it, like over 90%.  If he survives the miscast on turn 1, keep throwing 6 dice at it every turn until he dies or you win the game.  the other guy is there to make sure you get the spell and to cast Sneaky Stabbin' and suck dispel dice out of the pool before the Level 4 casts Itchy Nuisance.]

Savage Orc Warboss
-Sword of Swift Slaying

[He is your LD9 bubble guy, and good luck to anything that wants to kill him.  5 ASF Str 6 attacks.  Pretty brutal, and cheap.]

Black Orc Big Boss
-Banner of Eternal Flame

[Now you have army-wide LD9 with a re-roll.  Who cares about NG only being LD5 again?]

Savage Orc Big Boss
-Additional Hand Weapon

[Dirt Cheap, and quite killy.  As you'll see, he is a serious threat to your opponent and will attract a disproportionate amount of his firepower, or your opponent will pay for ignoring him.]

5x Spear Chukkas

[Duh. Winning.]

2x Rock Lobbers

[More winning.]

2x Doom Divers

[Bye bye Chaos Knights/Warriors and monsters]

25x Savage Orcs
-Additional Hand Weapons
-Big uns

[A tad expensive, and will draw fire.  So much so that that they will be in tatters most times before they hit the enemy.  But that's fine.  They won't be running due to ITP and your Warboss and BSB will still be alive when they hit the enemy, and hopefully enough of Big Uns to do damage to whatever they touch.]

2x 25x Night Goblins
-3x Fanatics

[God paying for those Fanatics sucks.  I was very tempted to cut down to one Fanatic each and run a 3rd unit, and that option is definitely worth considering still, but I think 3 Fanatics is just an absolute beating.]

10x Goblin Wolf Riders

[This is the delivery system for your Savage Orc on warboar.  They hit decently hard with spears and are cheapy cheap.  Put them on the flank and rush them up as fast as possible.  As you might notice there are a lot of "must kill" units in this army for your opponent to deal with and this is one of them.  My guess is most people won't have the fire power to kill them all in 2k lists.]

So in summary.  The list has insanely good shooting phases due to the 9 warmachines.  It will have at least one devastating magic phase, maybe two if you're lucky.  And it can throw down in close combat.  As much as I'm down on balanced lists for most armies, OnG are actually capable of pulling them off due to how cheap their characters and war machines are.  They can have a substantial magic-wing of the army and it's cheap enough that if it doesn't do a ton it's not game over.


  1. Hey, cool stuff :)
    I played my first game yesterday (VS High Elves) and managed to cast Curse of da Bad Moon (on a 25+) on the first turn. It was spectacular, killed me 19 Elf Spearmen!
    I also realised that if a unit rolls a Get'Em for animosity then the unit next to it will also be pinned for the rest of the turn. This is very annoying.
    I used a Savage Orc BSB because I am still not sure on Quell Animosity. These D6 S5 hits can really hurt man...
    From my previous experience (7th edition) with Fanatics, they are a very hit or miss things. Most armies would have a way to draw them out early in the game and thus protecting his most valuable units from them Then again if he doesn't consider them and get hits or even better run on them, it could be devastating. I still have to consider how to use these options.
    As for wolf riders, I want to use them but mainly as a sacrificial unit to redirect enemy deathstarts.

  2. I've been on the receiving end of 5 spear chuckas, and dammit it was painful.

    I agree with the hard decision to take 3 fanatics in the night goblin unit - getting hit with multiple fanatics per turn can be horrendous. I also agree with Antipope's sentiments on the hit-or-miss nature of fanatics, but the more units packing them the more their effectiveness increases. Also, slowing down enemy units with Itchy Nuisance is probably gonna increase the chances that they are on the receiving end of those little fuckers.

  3. So what's the ruling on using Hand of Gork on a Night Goblin unit with fanatics? Does the placing of the first model have to stop 8" away, or can you basically just plop the unit 2" away from an enemy and let the fanatics fly? I say 2" because you could argue that you can't place a fanatic less than or equal to 1" per the "one inch rule".

  4. By the way, what are you going to do to protect your back line of warmachines from things like flyers, ambushing units, etc.?