Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hobby: Painted Predator Project. Now With Extra Alliteration!

Sorry about that, alliteration is often cool but rarely funny.  Just to get it out of the way, I'm back in Florida and my dad is still in hospice and things are going about as well as you could hope for in those circumstances.  I've found it hard to write or think about lists or strategy, but I have had a lot of time to distract myself with hobbying.

So I finally finished my Predator turret project.  It's nothing special, I just built turrets with TLLC and one with Autocannons so my Templars can roll with either option.  One thing that is cool, however, is my 2nd/3rd Edition Predator Annihilator.  Most players under 30 are like "what is that joke of a model?" when I put it down on the board.  And I kid you not, due to it's small size I have been (joking) accused of modeling for advantage.  Hey, the more firepower you can get on a smaller package the better.  That's the MSU philosophy!

Also, forgive me for not dusting my table before I snapped these pics, I didn't realize how bad it was until I saw the pictures in Photoshop.  And being a lazy fucker, I'm not redoing them.

Predator Annihilators.  That's a lot of Lascannons.

Predator Destructors.

Having the flexibility to play either really in 3's really opens my 'Ard Boyz level list options.  Since you can get the turret sprue from a major internet auction site for about $12, it is a no brainer to do it.  The alternative of having a single turret that can have its guns changed with magnets is time consuming and labor intensive.  I'd pay $10-$12 any day to avoid that for the same end results.


  1. Love the paint - and yay for lazy. I'm all on that.

  2. I love seeing camo on marine tanks. Bonus points for using a scheme that works with the chapter's power armor.

  3. I've got an old Predator Annihilator model as well. And its funny, I've not been accused of modeling for the advantage when using it...but people have tried to say that it should be bigger than it is for LOS/Cover purposes. My response? Talk to GW. :D

    As for the turret project, I grudgingly put in the time to magnetize the turrets. It was a pain, but I really like how they turned out and it saved me money.