Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today in Awful Warseer Tactics Part 14: AoBR Terminator Edition

Back again for another dip into the cesspool of insanity and bad advice known as Warseer.  Threads like today's subject make me cringe.  What we have a complete newbie to the hobby asking an honest question, "what is the point of the AoBR terminators?"  It's a good question, since they don't come with a heavy weapon.  All they have are a 40 point price tag, the firepower of 10 tactical marines, and Powerfists.  Clearly, out of the box they are fairly useless.  

The correct answer is, "buy the bits for a CML and have a compact 5 man squad that has some anti-tank capability."  Also acceptable, "buy TH/SS bits and turn them into Assault Terminators."  But as this is Warseer, I can predict the following: he will get the right answers early on in the thread, but it will be complete lost in the noise of bad advice.  Let's see if I'm right...

HRM: ... Almost finished up painting my AoBR Marines, and I've been pondering a few things about my potential force. Namely... The Terminator squad. What are they... for? I get that the Dreadnaught, with it's multimelta, is for anti-tank, but the Termies have powerfists, right? So they're good at anti-tank as well, it would seem. Yet they also have storm bolters, which would make them good at anti-infantry, too. They seem to be stuck in the middle, so to speak.

So pardon my noobishness, but what role are regular Terminators "supposed" to fill? Is there a consensus on this? I dunno if I even want to really include these guys at all once I have more troops bought, as I really don't like the models (dual-lightning claw Termies, now... ), but I'll use them for now - I'm just not sure HOW.

Thanks, all, in advance! 

Like I said above, buy them a heavy weapon bit and let them fill a firepower role or buy TH/SS bits and make them close combat power houses.  Done deal!
GremlinXLT:  The only time I ever use regular terminators is with Black Templar and that somehow pretains to his question how?. And thats just for the two cyclone missile launchers they can get with 5 guys. For vanilla marines the best terminator IMHO is the Thunder Hammer/Stormshield one.

Not terrible advice, he is steering him in the right direction using them as TH/SS termies.
bosky: Some people just can't resist the 2+ save. Others tend to Deep Strike a squad of Terminators in a suicidal anti-tank mission. 

...and here comes the bad advice.  Advising someone to deep strike 5 terminators with no heavy weapon on a suicide anti-tank mission (powerfists lol?) is fucking stupid.  If that is the best you got, don't bother posting.
HRM: You're not the first guy to recommend these Termies to me. Sadly, the models look HILARIOUSLY bad, so I'm never using them.

Oh man.  I had respect for you as a newbie who asked an honest question, now I see that you're destined to be a Warseer scrub forever.  I predict that within a year, you'll have switched to Eldar and embrace the Isrado Swooping Hawk philosophy.  Or switch to Chaos and become a total whiner.  "Yeah I don't use the best unit in my codex because it looks hilariously bad."  In fact, if you don't like the aesthetic of Thunderhammers, I'm not even sure 40k is the game for you.  Don't show this guy the Jokoero mini.
MrVampireChicken: wen i vs my friend he uses vanilla and i use blood angles his five termis absolutely owned my death company in 2 rounds

so they are a valuable resorse and i agree that the ones from aobr do look ugly so convert them 

Oh fucking christ.  Please tell me this is a troll and no one could intentionally type like that, AND give such awful advice.

Kelanen: Tactical Terminators are a jack of all trades, master of none, with good survivability. they are a flexible, versatile unit, that have a reasonable chance of doing just about anything.

This doesn't answer his question, what is he supposed to do with them.

Volandum: They are mobile fire support and counterassault for an infantry-heavy advance, and I find they work very well for this task.

Yeah those 10 Storm Bolter shots are setting the world on fire in terms of mobile fire support.  And they counterassault those Genesteals so well, right?

fluffymcfluff: I might be the only one on warseer who prefers the tactical termies. As said in previous posts, they need to fill a role, I use mine for a distraction/counter assault 90% of the time. 

You might also be the dumbest person on Warseer.  What the fuck is a "distraction unit?"  Do you think I'll see your lame as tactical terminators sitting there, and forget everything I know about target priority and go into some anti-terminator zombie mode?  I think you do, actually.  That just showcases the absolutely abysmal level most of you drones play the game at.
Blademeister: It depends on what the opponent is using. 

Fuck you.  You don't write your list based on what your opponent is bringing.  Typical 11 year old scrub mentality.  Except this person is probably an adult.
anewhope:  5 Assault Terminators (2TH/3LC) in a Land Raider with a Chaplain is good combination as the Chaplain enables you to re-roll failed hits and you can reroll failed wounds on the claws. Get the +1 attacks for charging and you're going to causing major damage to most units in the game. 

So he has to buy bits to make them CC, buy a Land Riaider (vanilla pattern since you didn't say Crusader) and waste his HQ slot on a Chaplain.  Well that is some downright terrible advice.  And people wonder why vanilla marine armies rarely win big tournaments.  Look at the list writing ability of most vanilla marine players.

And with that, I reach the end of my sanity.  What have we learned?  For starters, we learned that Warseer drones are incapable of answering a simple question in a clear and consistent manner.  Secondly, we learned that the original poster fits in perfectly with Warseer: he asks tactical/list writing advice, gets the right answer, and then consciously ignores it for fluff/modeling reasons.  He has a long and bright future ahead of him at Warseer, I think.


  1. Deepstruck Terminators (especially the assault variant) do make a good distraction unit. this is especially so if its deepstruck close enough to the enemy lines (or sometimes behind it).

    If ignored, they will go forth and wreck face and if shot at by pretty much the entire opponent's army, that is one turn of unmolestation to the rest of your army to get in better position for your next turn.

    I seen it done plenty of times and have it done on me. Its not a retarded tactic!

  2. Also, 200 points of a fairly resilient MSU unit to throw away to protect the rest of your army... why not?

    Minimal investment (no attachment of character or transport)its a throwaway unit that your opponent CANNOT ignore.

  3. That isn't really what the poster was suggesting. He was making it seem like 5 random tactical termies sitting there would suddenly draw all my fire away to them.

    Secondly, I would argue that the idea of a throw away distraction unit is hugely wasteful in general. If a single unit of deep striking 5 assault terminators is so threatening and distracting, why wouldn't you bring 3 of those units and make it an important aspect of your list?

    1. Lol, I'm in this post. You quoted me as saying "It depends on what the opponent is bringing." By that I meant I would use them differently against Tyrinids, than I would against Tau. I didn't mean list tailor. I hate people that list tailor. Fair enough if you don't agree with my advice. That's fine. But don't just quote stuff that makes people look bad. Anyway. There is some pretty funny posts on warseer here and there.

    2. Don't you get the point of these articles? The idea is make fun of stupid stuff people say on the internet. I'm sorry if you're offended by me making you look bad, but that is the point.

  4. because it'll end up being a one trick pony army like death wing / logan wing / and soon to be grey wing

  5. this post makes me sad for two reasons:

    1) Warseer advice

    2) not Orcs and Goblins

  6. hi,

    this guy got the attitude thats fits with his vision of the hobby : get the best army he can with the nicest figs he wants to get and paint

    I'm just like him, ain't go no black guards but witches and execs, so what ? I favour a manticore over an hydra... Does this makes me dumb ?

    I would be if I was at some point of earning money with this, but hey, that's not the case : )

  7. He asked how to use his terminators to make them actually be effective. Then he says he doesn't want to use them because he doesn't like their looks. So why the question in the first place ? Just plain dumb. Period.

  8. Dakka is the _only_ good 40k or Fantasy forum that isn't army specific. I'm sorry, but its true.