Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WHFB Orcs and Goblins Review: Part 3

OK, now that we have covered Gobbo spells, we can move onto their bigger brothers.  Bigger doesn't always mean better, so it's worth taking a look at these spells in depth.

Spells of the Big Waagh!

Lore Attribute: Power of the Waagh!  If there are more friendly units in combat than there are friendly units fleeing, any spell with a strength or strength bonus is increased by 1.
Fairly situational, but when it works it's nice.  Chances are you won't see a bonus from it before turn 2 or 3 so you can't make any plans with it in mind.

0 Gaze of Mork 7+.  Draw a 4d6 straight line from the shaman anything hit takes a strength 4 hit, can be buffed to 8d6.

At first, this sounds pretty decent.  Hey it's a snipe spell that can hurt BSB or wizards, and it's a signature spell.  The drawback is it's very short range, and only strength 4.  Chances are you'll only get to cast it once per game, and there is a 50% (or more) chance it will do nothing. 

1 Brain Bursta 6+.  18" Str 5 snipe spell.  Can be buffed to 36" on a 9+.  

Much, much better.  Since the spell counts as having the Sniper special rule, you can target musicians and unit champs.  Plinking away a musician per turn is not an inconsiderable power, when you remember how strong musicians are in 8th.

2 Fist of Gork 8+.  Remains in Play.  The shamans gets +3 strength and +3 attacks and a 6+ ward.

Use it as a defensive measure.  Most people's solutions to wizards is to kill them in CC, and this effectively dissuades that option.  It's not really a smart idea to charge into a combat and plan to have the buff there, since it can be dispelled prior to the combat being fought, but it may keep you from being charged.

3 Hand of Gork 9+.  You can pick up an unegaged unit and place them anywhere up to 3d6 inches away with any facing you want.  Can be buffed to make it 5d6.

Repositioning your units midgame can be game breaking.  I won't go into all the possible uses of this spell, as your imagination is the limit.  Suffice it to say, that everytime you cast this successfully your opponent should have big reason to complain.  One of the best spells in the book.

4 'Eadbutt 9+.  Direct damage spell with 4d6 range that does strength 4 hit with multiple wounds (d3).  But only to a wizard.  Can be buffed to 8d6 on a 12+.

This is powerful.  But really short ranged.  This is a great way to take out hero level casters, but you will likely only get one shot at it.  Decidedly "eh."

5 'Ere We Go 11+  All Orc units within 2d6 get to re-roll To Hit in close combat until next turn.

Whoa, now that is nasty.  The only drawback, and I stress only, is that it doesn't affect goblins or trolls etc.  You have to run Orc-heavy, but that shouldn't be a huge deal.  If you can time this right to hit multiple units on the turn you charge with them all, it can be game breaking.

6  Foot of Gork 15+.  Direct Damage foot template 36" placement.  Scatters d6 inches.  All models take a str 6 hit with d4 multiple wounds.  Can be buffed to 18+ which means on a 4+ you can resolve the spell again (and again, and again potentially.)  On a 2-3 the spell stops.  On a 1, it hits one of your own units.

This isn't quite Dweller's Below level ultimate spell.  The buffed version is very tempting, but there is a pretty decent chance it won't do anything extra, and at worst can hurt you.  So basically it is a strong template attack on a 15+.  Whoop de doo.  This army has plenty of warmachines for that.  Throw your power dice at Ere We Go and Hand of Gork. 

Summary:  Two real winners.  Hand and Ere.  These are the power spells of the lore, as they are the ones that have a chance to be utter game breakers.  Consider anything else you get to do as a bonus.

Some general words on OnG magic strategy.  I touched on it yesterday and I want to emphasize the best strategy I see as being casting lot's of little spells on 1 dice +1 mushroom dice.  If they go off, great!  If your opponent dispells them, great!  After you drew out some dispell dice, cast Ere We Go and win.  The worst case scenario is your opponent knows this gameplan and saves his dispell dice for Ere We Go.  That's fine, because your little gobbo spells aren't bad, and frankly, magic is an afterthought in this army and you should be happy even if your only successful spell is Sneaky Stabbin'.

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