Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Listing My Wishlist of Grey Knight Wishes

I've been brainstorming GK lists ever since I committed to playing them, but I haven't thought of a list that has everything I want, and will also be competitive.  So this post is basically going to be a summary of the things I want my GK army to be (and things I don't want it to be) and hopefully putting it down here will help me make sense of it.  It wouldn't be too bad if some of the more knowledgeable readers gave me some constructive input, either.

Yeah, you're in.

1.  3x Psyfleman dreads.  These are a given for me.  Nothing else in the heavy support section can do what these can do combining firepower, range, and resiliency.  In my Grey Knights army list Excel spread sheet I have these typed in already, so they are essentially the foundation of my list.

2.  Pure GK.  The circus units don't interest me.  Buying Chimeras doesn't interest me.  Coteaz doesn't interest me, even if he unlocks arguably the most competitive build in the book.  I want the army to be Grey Knights in Rhino chassis, though I'm not opposed to using terminators/paladins if the list makes sense.

3.  Purifiers.  They are the bomb.  There are only a handful of units in the game that aren't absolutely terrified of them in close combat: TH/SS terminators, and Genestealers come to mind.  That's good company to be in, and they can actually shoot really well unlike those units.  

4.  Crowe?  Crowe is the most awkward unit in the book.  Unlocks the best unit in the book as troops, but is super tough to use since he can't join units and will likely have to footslog.  And when he does get to combat it's likely a suicide mission.  People are calling him a 150 point tax, and it might be true.  The HQ slot is even more valuable than the points.  Grand Masters are ridiculous.  Libbys are insanely useful.   My current thought is to take Crowe, run him right behind a Rhino so he is out of LOS and bring no other HQ, putting all my points into units.  But all the amazing tricks that GM and Libbys can do are hard to pass up on.  But GM and Libbys have issues of their own being in terminator army.  Unless you do a terminator/paladin unit deathstar to put them in they are just as awkward on the battlefield as Crowe.

5.  Rhinos or Razors.  Razorbacks add much needed long range firepower that GK lack.  However, the best aspect that GK bring to the table are their excellent special assault weapons which Rhinos use well.  However, a Rhino sitting on an objective in your back lines with 2 psycannons inside not firing due to range isn't utilizing your points very well.  Neither are spending lot's of points on a Strike squad with a psycannon just to huddle inside a razorback 48" away from the fighting.  That's a lot of points to spend per Razorback.  My gut instinct says take Rhinos, go to the midfield, and near the end of the games move units backwards as needed to hold objectives.  Thoughts?

6.  Venerable dreadnoughts.  Expensive for an AV12 vehicle, but they are tough to kill and come with melta (fills a void in the army list) or can be given TLLC/Missile Launcher (fills a void in the army list.)  So are they worth the cost?  Not sure.  I would imagine a pair of them sitting in cover shooting would be hard to silence and they add more valuable 48" shots.  


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