Thursday, February 10, 2011

More BT 'Ard Boyz Craziness

Wheels are turning in my head.  BroLo made a nice reply to my email on 3++ which made me think some more.  So I went back to the lab- which is located in the part of my brain where I think about important things like world peace and oatmeal- to brew up something new and fun.

Clearly, I didn't paint this.

Drop Dreads.  I was in love with the idea of MM drop because of the old BT drop pod rules.  They wouldn't come in turn 1, and thus my opponent couldn't avoid them with reserves games.  BroLo pointed out, though, that it's a double edged sword in that I couldn't count on them coming when I needed them.  I took that thought, and it made me realize what the point of melta weapons in a list is.

Melta is more useful the earlier in the game.  By the same token, the later in the game it gets, the less useful melta weapons become.  Popping a Land Raider turn 2 when it's still in the midfield is great.  Popping it turn 4 after it unloaded 7 assault terminators in your backlines is still nice, but it's not the optimal situation.

So if I drop the MM dreads, I still need melta.  I'm already planning on using two Rhinos containing 5 initiates packing double melta for midfield pushing.  A possibility would be ISTs with double melta jacking a razoback or two for transport, but by August there is a definite possibility that allies will be out, and call me a fluff bunny but I hate using allies with BT.  So I replace a dread with a double melta crusader squad.  Now I have the full complement of troop choices filled.  I still have 160 points left to play with.  Heavy Support = full.  Troops = full, fast attack = full.  Elites?  Open.  Tank Hunting Ven Dread back in to reach out 48" with a Str 10 TL Lascannon.

So the list...

EC with AAC
10x Assault Terminators
Venerable Tank Hunting Dread with TLLC and Missile Launcher
3x5 Initiates in Rhino w/Smoke + Extra Armor w/ MM, Meltagun
3x5 Initiates in TLLC Razorback w/ Smoke w/ Lascannon and Plasmagun
5x Land Speeder Typhoons
3x Predator Destructor w/ Lascannon sponsons

Total: 2,498


13 lascannons
3 Multimelta
3 Meltaguns
11 Missiles
5 Heavy Bolters
3 Plasmaguns
3 Autocannons
15 vehicles
Can threaten 16 opposing units per turn.

I'm much happier with this incarnation than the previous.  I have just as many vehicles, more scoring units, the same amount of melta, 4 more lascannons, and only 3 less missile shots.



  1. Is it enough melta? Realistically you're only going to be able to get to use one of the weapons in each squad effectively.

    You have enough Las Cannons that they could really threaten a few Land Raiders, but overall, do you have enough anti-AV14?

    The addition of melta is nice- I just see double/triple raiders played way too much at my LGS that I cringe when I see so little melta.

    But maybe the las cannons will help- I haven't seen true Las spam for a long long time...

  2. Honestly, I'd rather err on the side of too little anti-14 than too much. My area doesn't have too many people who play Raider heavy lists, but even if I knew some were coming, I'd probably take my chances. I'm always more afraid of what's in the LR than the LR itself.