Monday, February 14, 2011

WHFB Battle Report: Dark Elves vs Orc and Goblins 2200

So the Dwarf player I scheduled to play didn't show, luckily my Orc and Goblin opponent from a few weeks ago had his stuff and kindly obliged me a game.

I used my list from this battle report with no changes.  My OnG opponent had the following list...

Black Orc Big Boss
2 Lv 2 Goblin Shamans
Big units of Night Goblins
Big unit of Orc Boys
3 units of Arrer Boys
Large unit of Spider Riders
3 Trolls
4 Spear Chukkas
2 Rock Lobbas
1 Giant

Not the most optimized list ever, but a lot better than what I faced last time we played.  Fella is finally learning his book, too bad it changes in a week.  We rolled pitched battle and I deployed like so...

My usual strong flank deployment.  Fast cav on the left, archers in the center and the hitty stuff all on the right.  The OnG deployed like so...

His left flank (facing my hitty stuff) was the trolls, spider riders, Orc boys, a Chukka, and giant.  In the center he had two units of Arrer boys and black orcs 2 rock lobbas and 3 chukkas.  On his right he had his boar chariot, night goblins and Arrer boys.

Dark Elves Turn One

Rather inconsequential moving, shooting and magic.  I lowered the Init of his Black Orcs and dropped a Pit of Shades on them, but didn't get irresistible and he used a Dispel Scroll on it.  I positioned myself on the right so that he would have to charge his trolls into my Hydra, who would flaming breath attack away their regeneration and murder them.  With vanguard movement and 18" march my left flank vanished to reinforce my center.

End DE turn 1
OnG Turn 1

His turn 1 was more interesting.  His trolls were stupid and couldn't charge.  He did 3 wounds to a Hydra with a rock lobber.  He moved his giant through the choke point followed by the black orcs.

End Orc and Gobline Turn 1

Dark Elves Turn 2

I charged his trolls with my wounded Hydra and failed to charge his boyz with a chariot  due to a flee reaction, but the flee caused his spider riders to run off the table, win/win.  During magic again I lowered the init of his black orcs and again cast pit of shades but this time he threw enough dice to stop it.  I then cast Withering on his trolls, bringing them to toughness 2.   My shooty stuff in the center began playing a war of attrition with his shooty stuff, which I was happy to do as I'd win in the end.

In combat, my Hydra did 10 strength 2 flaming breath hits, killing all but one troll.  Then his 7 attacks smushed the last one.  I restrained my overrun and positioned myself to receive a charge in the front if he had one.

Dark Elves End Turn 2

Orcs Turn 2

He failed to charge with his giant, but in the Magic phase he moved him forward 2d6 into a charge with my lead chariot.  He moved his other stuff forward, and rallied his fleeing Boys.  His rock lobber shot targeted a Hydra, but misfired.  His other Lobber misfired and exploded.  In combat between his giant and my chariot I did a wound to him, and he headbutted me doing a wound.  He won by one, and I held.

Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of this turn.

Dark Elves Turn 3

This was a good turn.  I charged his spear chucker with my wounded Hydra.  Magic phase I began to throw debuffs on his Black Orcs, since they were either going to charge turn 3 or get charged turn 4.  I rolled a 14 on 4 dice +4 and failed to cast Pit of Shades.  Note, had any of these 3 Pit of Shades been successfully cast, his Black Orcs would have been smushed and the game would pretty much have been over.  Alas...

In combat, his giant headbutt again and I did nothing, but I held.  My wounded Hydra killed his Chucka and could not restrain its overrun and was set up to be flank charged by his Boys.

End DE turn 3
Orcs Turn 3

His team didn't do well this turn.  His rock lobber scattered off the table.  He charged my wounded Hydra with his Boys.  Magic he got nothing off.  In combat, my Hydra killed 10 or so Boys, but they managed to do 3 wounded to him.  I failed 3 armor saves and 2 regeneration saves.  Dead Hydra.  Otherwise I would have won combat and sent them off the table.  Oh well.

End OnG turn 3

Dark Elves Turn 4

This turn two chariots charged his Giant. I charged his BO with a Hydra and a Chariot.  The chariot smacked into them, but the Hydra failed it's charge.  Poor chariot.  Such was my plan.  I tried to cast Pit of Shades on his Boys, but he dispeled it.  I threw Miasma and Withering on his Black Orcs just in case.  Again, my shooting was trading successfully with his center.  My shooting broke his Night Gobbos who ran away 3".

In combat I killed the Giant finally, but one of my chariots failed to restrain its overrun and was a sitting duck for the Black Orcs.  My Dark Riders defeated his shot up Arrer Boys and overran them in the center.  My lone chariot respectably killed a handful of his BO, but his Big Boss and BO with Great Weapons murdered it.  His BO were now set up to charge into another chariot on his turn.

End DE turn 4
Orcs Turn 4

Scary turn for me.  He failed to charge my chariot, but in the magic phase he Hand of Gorked his Black Orcs into it.  Unfortunately for him, he got it with irresistable, and rolled a 4.  Both his casters died, and half of the BO died.  Brutal!  Saved my butt big time.  His NG continued to run.  Best of all, his boar chariot charged my Shades on the rock, but rolled a 1 for dangerous terrain and died.

In combat he killed the chariot, but not before I did a few casualties.  Unfortunately for him, he had about 7 BO and a Big Boss left, and I had 3 chariots and a Hydra intact ready to multi-charge the fuck out of them.

End OnG turn 4.
Dark Elves Turn 5

I multi-charged the hell out of his Black Orcs and once I rolled successfully for all, he conceded.  I was going to Pit of Shades his remaining Boys and blow away his BO and Big Boss in combat.  All he would have left is a rock lobber and a couple of Spear Chuckers, who I would kill on Turn 6.

Notice the Black Orcs are now gone.

Victory Points...

DE: 1925
OnG: 375

It wasn't as bad a game as the final score indicated, but still very affirming for my list to beat a war machine heavy opponent.  Next weekend I scheduled a match against Daemons of Chaos.


  1. Nice man, battle reports are getting better and better :)

    Can't wait for the Adepticon battle reports! :-p

    Assuming you're doing them, that is.

  2. I will be doing them, but not full pictures. Probably just pics of deployment and aftermath for each battle.

    I could see stopping the flow of a 2.5 hour round to snap pics annoying people, so I'm going to refrain from that.

  3. Heh, fair enough. I took pictures of all my turns at BoLSCON w/ 2 hour time limits and nobody seemed to mind. Still, taking that many pictures was somewhat of a pain. Had I brought a bigger army, I probably wouldn't have had time to take pictures and finish the games.


  4. I'll try to do them. If I can handle it, I'll take pics for each.

  5. This game was over before it began. The Dark Elves would need a handicap for this to be a fair fight.