Thursday, February 24, 2011

Even more 40k Hobby: Busy Weekend Ahead

In addition to the Rifleman arms that came from Forgeworld, I have some other projects on the horizon.  Namely, getting my 40k 'Ard Boyz list put together.  To do that, however, I need to assemble all this...

5 Typhoons and a Rhino.  The Rhino will be magnetized to be a Razor too.  The 5 Typhoons will be boring as hell, though.  I have half a mind to go to the LGS and pay one of the broke teenagers some chump change to assemble them for me.  The only way I can see myself assembling them all in one sitting is if there is some really good sports on this weekend I can put on in the background and zone in and out.

We'll see what progress I can make.


This article on YTTH spawned a pretty epic discussion in the comments.   I'm stuck somewhere in the middle.  Stelek is right, the Lore of Metal is pretty good.  Especially in lists with dual level 4's with Loremaster.  You can do nutty stuff.  Stelek's theory (the way I'm interpreting it) of Magic in Fantasy is in line with mine, namely, pick a Lore that makes what you do well already even better.  Magic should have a synergy with the rest of your list, not a bunch of random spells that might do good things, but not necessarily anything that furthers you winning the game a great deal.

On the other hand, the dual Slaan skink list is pretty bad.  Even with Lore of Metal, you can't keep those Slaan alive for long, and the Skinks aren't very good even with metal buffs.  Stelek seems to think it will be no problem to flee react and cause charges to fail.  When someone says, "well you're playing MSU so I'll redirect my charge into one of your other units" he responds by saying that isn't possible since good players won't deploy that way.  I just don't buy that.  If you have 70+ skinks on the table, divided into units of 10, there won't be enough real estate for you to deploy them and maneuver where I won't be able to re-direct my charges if one of them flees.

That said, I'm not picking on Stelek too much here.  The people criticizing him are just as flawed in their rationale, because at the end of the day, it's just theorycraft.  Fantasy, unfortunately, doesn't lend itself to practical theorycrafting like 40k due to a more complicated maneuver and close combat system.  There are simply too many variables to say X beats Y.  You can do that, to an extent in 40k, but it doesn't work in Fantasy beyond a very surface level.


  1. Ug, Speeders, how I dread painting those. I don't mind the assembly so much, but painting them, blah. I hear your pain.

  2. I actually like painting speeders, they lend themselves well to line highlights. I do hate assembling things though.

  3. There's great sport this weekend - the 3rd games of the six nations rugby!