Wednesday, February 16, 2011

BT 'Ard Boyz Triple Rock

Please note, I will not be playing this in 'Ard Boyz.  This would be a "for fun" list that I will use when people want test games at the LGS leading up to 'Ard Boyz.  I said yesterday that I am dead set against list tailoring and would never do it personally.  However, as someone who has won or placed in the local 'Ard Boyz 3 years in a row, there will be several people who are going to tailor against me, and have said as much.  

In years previous, I played double or triple rock BT lists.  The assumption among the local players, who don't read this blog, is that I will play a similar list.  One dude already told me, "I have 18 melta weapons in my list for you this year."  That isn't an uncommon sentiment locally.  So fine.  If they are going to list tailor against me, I have no problem feeding them misinformation.  I've already arranged to play test my real list privately with a disinterested 3rd party, so when I play at the LGS I'm free to spread false ideas about what I'm actually playing.  If they think I'm bringing a triple rock, let them.  That said, I want my fake triple rock list to be good enough to scare people into taking it seriously.

The list...

EC with AAC 150
3x 6x Assault Terminators w/ LRC and Furious Charge 1569
5x5x Crusader squads with meltagun, multi-melta w/ Rhino with smoke and extra armor 790

Total: 2,499

So it's pretty non-subtle.  Everything moves forward as fast as possible and attempts to blow the opponent off the board.  Sure, if you pack a ton of anti-tank you will do some damage to it, but it should be scary.  Going 4/2 TH/LC load out gives the assault terminators insane killing power on the charge and enough resiliency if their ride gets popped too early.  The list has no long range anti-tank, but whatever, I'm not seriously running this competitively.  If people are afraid of this and bring 18 multi-meltas to 'Ard Boyz, they deserve what they get.


  1. I just have to say that I chuckled when I read this. That list definitely looks like fun, but I like your other Black Templar lists a lot more.

    Way to stick it to the guys who want to tailor!

  2. What's weird is I'm not even the best player in my store from a win/loss perspective, so I'm not sure why I am the metagame this year.

    And I want to be clear, normally I don't play these kind of mind games/misinformation games. But I saw a dude buy 6 land speeders who said that he was buying them to blow up my Land Raiders. At that point I give up trying to overcome localism.

  3. Heh. Sometimes that just happens. I had a fairly average record when I was playing Sisters only for a long period of time. But, for some reason, I became known as the "person to beat" in the store. Everyone started asking me for games to try and beat my Sisters...

    For the most part, I have no idea how things like this happen. They just kind of do. I suppose I could be all vain and try to say something like "Well, obviously, people can tell we're very competent and know the rules," but I know that's not the case ;)

    My theory is that people remember one thing that they didn't think they could beat (or played against and didn't beat) last year and play against it the next year. For many people, 'Ard Boyz is their only chance to get to play in an "Important Tournament," so they approach it differently. I dunno if I'm right, but it's interesting to think about.

  4. I most definitely had a laugh at this article. While I don't have that issue at 'Ard Boys, since I don't go to them...but...I do get it in my local RTT tournaments.

    I play a gunline army list most of the time and its humorous to see people trying to tailor to beat me, then not even face me in battle. lol!

    Keep it up the mind games, its hilarious. haha.

  5. Lol, I always look at 'Ard Boyz lists and wonder how I'd ever beat them. Then it occurs to me that since I never play at 2500 points, it's not as big a deal as I always think it is.

    This list would be scaryish... if the Raiders die quick, you lose quick though. I could also see lots of (good) IG opponents auto-winning this matchup, due to the amount of expendable melta, and their ability to focus fire your squads off the board one at a time.

    But you said this wasn't the list you're taking, so no real use critiquing it :)

  6. It's often a matter of perspective. I'm so used to playing with Land Raiders and seeing them die pretty easily that in my mind's eye I picture them as fragile. But people always tell me they are intimidated by Land Raiders so I figure the reality is somewhere in the middle.