Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quick Bat Rep: Grey Knights vs. Crimson Fists

I started to take pictures of this game, but after turn 2 I realized that I was probably going to be late for my dinner plans, and I didn't want to slow the game down further.  My opponent played slowly, which was the bigger part of the problem, but I didn't feel comfortable pressuring him to play faster for my sake.

Anyway, he played an interesting list.  I played my 2.0 Crowe list you all know and love.

He was with...

5x Tactical Terminators
2x 10 tac squads in rhino with ML and meltagun
10x scout snipers with Telion and missile launcher
2x Dreads
10x Stern Guard in a Land Raider Crusader

The list had some big flaws.  Namely, the land raider.  If he dropped the raider, and dropped the libby, he could get drop pods for the dreads, a second Stern Guard Squad, and Rhinos for both sternies.  I would also consider going to 10x tactical terminators for Lysander to sit with and give them the ability to combat squad as needed.

As it was, the list is very light in anti-tank, and that was the deciding factor as he couldn't stop my Psyflemen, and I easily demeched him.  By the end of 2, his dreads and rhinos were dead.   My psybolt armed units feasted on his de-mech infantry who couldn't match me in a shooting fight and couldn't beat me in CC.

His scouts were trouble.  They sat on an objective with 2+ cover and got enough rending shots into actually kill a few of my transports.  They were hard to shift, but I put enough wounds on them every turn to force morale checks, and finally they failed and ran from the objective they were sitting on.  

I ended up winning on objectives because I killed all his troops except the scouts who had run far from the objective they started on.  My objectives were well covered, he tried to use his Land Raider to contest one of my key objectives but I managed to hit it a few times with a Str 10 Daemon Hammer and it went away.

So again, a victory against a not so optimized list.  But it was interesting to see how potent the scouts were.  Very effective shooting, very hard to shift, and didn't cost him a ton of points.  My MVP were the Psyflemen as they had de-meched him early and forced him to eat my anti-infantry firepower for the rest of the game. 


  1. "My MVP were the Psyflemen as they had de-meched him early and forced him to eat my anti-infantry firepower for the rest of the game."

    It's like an echo of every GK game...haha. How are you finding only having a couple of Psybacks? I'd guess this is more important against armies which have a lot of infantry which sit at range (i.e. HWT, Devs/Long Fangs, Scourges, etc.) you need to hit early but I've found I don't like leaving without them. That extra 12" range helps.

  2. I remember my first game with Telion; he killed two Power Fist Sgt & 3 Meltas. Sadly for the next six games he barley managed to inflict a wound...

    Glad to see the Knights doing well. I do like the simplicity of your list. 40 Space Knights and some tanks.

  3. @Kirby They have been hit or miss for me really. Against some armies, they have just been amazing. Against MEQ, they haven't seemed so effective.

  4. Played any Hybrid Wolves yet? I've found they really come into their own there.