Wednesday, June 22, 2011

40k-metrics: Lyracian Does Nids

Check it out.

Coming at ya!
While I would do slightly different lists, these numbers are VERY interesting.  Common sense in the 40k community says that Nids fail because they can't beat Mech.  I suggest that isn't necessarily the case.  From these early samples we can see that the real weakness is against shooting infantry, not shooting vehicles as is supposed.

Another thought: since Nids don't have vehicles their defense and mobility is going to be less than a mech list, so by nature their offense scores need to be higher to compensate effectively.  Perhaps that while their scores are higher than people would suppose, they aren't high enough to overcome their inherent weaknesses?

I'm not a Nids player, so you tell me!


  1. One thing worth noting here, is that the majority of Tyranid anti-tank measurement on this rating system is going to come from melee. Without a longer-range means of dealing with armor, you now ahve to find a way to ensure your monstrous creatures get into close combat.

    I think the tyranid lists he showed do OK, but the range issue isn't taken into account with the system as you currently have it. It is MUCH harder for Tyranids to kill tanks, not because they lack the tools, but because those tools rely on extreme short range.

    The reason space wolves and similar lists do so well with their lower numbers of dead rhinos per game and the like are from their superior optimal range via shooting (long fangs and cyclones) and speed for reaching close combat (cavalry)

    I think what these numbers show is that a properly build Tyranid list is very close on the competitive side of things (something you've been hearing from the top IPs in the field) but lacks that special edge to really make the lists shine.

  2. The problem with Nids isn't viability, is that GW made stacking Hive Guard and/or T-fexes mandatory.

    About mobility, there's Move Through Cover on MC's and the fact that ALL Tyranid weapons can move and shoot. That's handy.

  3. One the list front; I had to start somewhere and there is not a lot of proven Nid lists out there. I shall run the numbers for the Fex-star and some other lists tonight.

    In fact generating the numbers is quite quick it is just time consuming to generate the table code since basic Blogger does not seem to have an option.