Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lack of Updates

I'm sorry.  I was doing daily updates forever, and lately I've gotten away from that.  Part of that is writer's block, part of it is being busy with work and racing season, and part of it is a conscious effort to produce quality over quantity.  

The feedback to my Blink article was pretty great and I realized that the real desire out there is for quality content rather than quantity content.  I set the bar high for myself lately if I may be excused the not-so-humble self-review, so rather than post random filler articles, I decided it would be best to only post a couple times a week to produce stuff you will really enjoy. 

Hopefully I'll have a batrep, theory article and bad warseer tactics posts next week for you.


  1. Tis' okay sir. I've long since realized the same, though a lot of my problem is that I have an extremely busy outside schedule.

  2. I too will support quality over quantity. They don't all have to be interdisciplinary intellectual masterpieces though; some pretty pictures and making fun of bad players would also be appreciated