Monday, January 3, 2011

WHFB Hobby: Dark Elf Motor Pool Completed

Coming to an 'Ard Boyz table near me this summer, my recently finished 8 Cold One Chariots.  I got a lot of modeling and painting done this holiday season.  Besides assembling and painting these chariots, I also got my 3rd and 4th Hydras assembled and primed.

I didn't put any great deal of time into these, mostly assembly line dry brushing.  I did some washes on the crew's armor and on the characters I did washing and highlights, but I painted all of these from start to finish in about 5 hours, 2 of which was spent on the characters.  I can't wait to get my Dark Riders assembled and painted and we will let the Adepticon play-testing begin.

Group shot.  That's a lot of impact hits, even for a 3k army to take.

Normal COC.  One crew gets a lance (spear) and the other facing backwards is armed with a Repeater Crossbow.

Master/Dreadlord on Cold One Chariot.  
Battle Standard Bearer on Cold One Chariot.  His leadership re-rolls make the stupid beasts go when I want them to.
I'm definitely anxious to get these bad boys on the table top now and see what havoc they can wreak. 


  1. They look fantastic. Especially all gathered together like that. Brilliant work!

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