Monday, January 10, 2011

WHFB FAQs Updated, Analysis Incoming!

The main rulebook FAQ caught an update.  Grab it here.  My analysis later after I've had a chance to read it and live my life a bit.


Only a couple of really interesting changes to note...

1.  If a wizard has a single spell that causes flaming damage, the unit he is in causes fear in cavalry, chariots and war beasts.  That's fairly nuts.  It isn't so strong as an offensive idea, because some of the best cavalry, chariots and war beasts already cause fear.  But defensively, it prevents your mans from being scared of those nasty Chaos Knights or Bloodcrushers.

2.  Skirmishers get their -1 to hit vs. shooting bonus even in buildings.  Weird, but OK.

3.  Remains in play spells always use the base value for dispelling purposes, even if you cast the pumped up version.  I guess this could be considered a Purple Sun nerf or something like that.

4.  Whoa!  Fleeing models can use magic items and dispell spells.  This is a major change.  Previously, if someone charged your unit with the L4 in it, you never wanted to flee reaction because your wizard couldn't dispell stuff in the ensuing magic phase.  Now you can.  This is a big, big deal.

5.  Smoke and Mirrors caught a nerf.  Previously, if you have a L4 wizard that was fleeing in a unit under 25% it was doomed to run off the table, but you could save it by having your L2 or L1 Shadow mage swap places with him/her.  That trick is gone.  That sucks, because I was going to post this one in my next 8th Edition Tricks articles.  Back to the drawing board...

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