Tuesday, January 25, 2011

40k: Black Templars Marshal Painted Up and 'Ard Boyz List

Took a few pics of the new Marshal I painted over the weekend.  Kind of a ruish job, but I tried to make it stand out a bit.  It's a kit bash of a normal assault terminator and the plastic chaos lord kit.  I love the articulated lightning claw and I had to incorporate it.  Plus the cape in that kit is amazing.


Check out my storm shield

Articulated lightning claw owns

I love this cape.  How does every Space Wolf player not use this?
So onto the list...

I want a list with terminators, mech, and enough CC to at least hang in there against aggressive lists. 

EC with AAC
Marshal with Terminator Armor, Lightning Claw, Storm Shield
Terminator Command Squad with Tank Hunting Cyclones

Terminator Squad with Tank Hunting Cyclones
5x Terminator Assault Squad with Furious Charge
Ven Dread with Tank Hunter and TLLC and Missile Launcher

4x5 Crusader Squads with Missile Launcher, Plasma Gun, TLLC Razorback

3x MM/HF Speeder

3x Predator Destructors with Las sponsons

I really wanted to add a Castellan and move the terminator shooty squad to HQ, ditch the Assault Termie Squad and add 2 MM Dreads in Drop Pods.  Unfortunately, the points aren't there, even if I make the first Marshal a Castellan too, and give him crap equipment.  I could make it work by dropping a Speeder, but I really don't want to trade 5 assault terminators and a speeder for 2 dreadnoughts.  

I feel like the Troops, Heavy Support and Fast Attack are solid, but the elites and HQ are a mess right now.  The only things I'm married to in those zones is the Ven Dread and having 2 units of Cyclone termies somewhere, whether in HQ or Elites.  I need input.

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