Saturday, January 29, 2011

Black Templars 'Ard Boyz List Ideas

So here goes.  I've been brainstorming about BT 'Ard Boyz lists for a while now, trying to optimize and squeeze.  I've narrowed it down to two versions I really like.  One is ultra-streamlined min-maxed, the other I sacrifice some firepower to add close combat prowess to my HQ units.  The one thing I fear about playing a list like this is that I won't have enough CC power to beat an ultra-aggressive army.  I figure that giving the HQ a storm shield and LC or TH makes them a great deal harder and makes the terminator units more resilient.   On the other side of the coin, by paring them down to the most basic equipment I can add 4 more missile shots, which can be a huge deal, too.

List is as follows...

Champ w/ Abhor 120

Marshal in Terminator Armor Power Sword/Storm Bolter  120
4x Command Squad Tank Hunters 2x Cyclone Launchers 225

Castellan in Terminator Armor Power Sword/Storm Bolter 105
4x Command Squad Tank Hunters 2x Cyclone Launchers 225

Venerable Dread Tank Hunter TLLC, Missile Launcher 165
Dreadnought Multimelta Drop Pod 145
Dreadnought Multimelta Drop Pod 145
Land Speeder Typhoon 70
Land Speeder Typhoon 70

5x Initiates Missile Launcher, Plasmagun, TLLC Razor x4 744

3x Predator Destructor w/ Lascannons 375

Total: 2,499

That's a lot of firepower.  It will smash full mech lists and Nids and Daemons I'm fairly sure.  What worries me is how it will do against a rock list like 30x TH/SS terminators since it doesn't have any CC element.   Advice please!


  1. i think it's a reasonable list, but doesn't really seem to put out what I'd expect from a 2500 list.

    2 single speeders are very easy to shut down and the only melta weapons are on the podding dreads and 2500 can see upto 5-6 AV14 hulls.

    Without AAC, you're also not going to pack the punch you need when combat hits... and it will do if a CC opponent want it.

    Things I'd like to see....

    Some dual melta IST squads or MM/melta rhino crusader squads.

    A minimum of 2 x 2 speeders, maybe even 3 x 2.

    SS on the commander and sergeant on the terminator units.

    Perhaps an 6 man termie unit (3 x TH/SS, 3 x LC) for counter-assault.

    AAC. Abhor can work, but you have to dedicate your list to firepower and be happy it will crumble in assault - you'll just have to make sure you can control the crumble similar to the Tau crumble in CC.

    I'll try to get more thoughts up on 3++.

  2. It is pretty light on melta, but as far as overall firepower, it has a lot of it.

    17 missile shots
    5 TLLC
    6 regular lascannons
    3 autocannons
    2 Multi-meltas
    4 plasma guns

    Barring being light on melta, that's a lot of firepower.

    But you're right, numbers don't tell the whole thing, and a dedicated CC opponent will get there. I have a couple ideas for a more aggressive list too. I'll wait to see what you post on 3++.