Wednesday, January 19, 2011

100th Post Extravaganza! Mayhem! Carnage! Et Cetera!

When I started this blog, I didn't think I would get anyone to pay attention to it at all, nor did I think I would have enough to say about anything to fill 100 posts.  But here I am anyway.  Thanks to everyone who reads this stuff on a regular basis and thanks to the people who comment and make me think.  I'd like to especially thank the HoP crew for adding me to their blog roll when I didn't have any content and by thinking some of the stuff I wrote was good enough for Weekly Top X and featured on Friday user articles.  I can say that I owe just about every reader of mine to you guys.

But enough thanking.  I didn't want the 100th post to be meaningless, and I couldn't think of any awesome content to write about worthy of a 100th post.  So I decided to photograph my 2,200 point Dark Elf army that is ready to begin playtesting for Adepticon.  Without further adieu, the forces of Naggaroth assemble...

Group Shot of the whole force ready for battle.
A pair War Hydras!
Repeater Crossbowmen and Shades
More Crossbowmen and Dark Riders
The Officers: Battle Standard Bearer, Master, Supreme Sorceress.
First games of playtesting begin this weekend.  I should have a bat rep for you Monday morning.  Thanks again, to everyone who reads this.


  1. Your army looks awesome, Nikephoros! I hadn't noticed before that your Dark Riders are converted models... wow, very nice! Are those wood elf horses they're mounted upon? I really like your horsemen a lot more than the current ones available from GW. I'm also excited about the prospect of seeing your army in person at Adepticon, do you plan on making a display board for the tournament?

    Congrats on your 100th post, it's been an enjoyable experience being one of your readers. Best wishes on the next 100 and good luck with your upcoming playtesting.

  2. Yeah, the Dark Riders are a kit bash of Wood Elf Glade Riders and Dark Elf Warriors. The paint job is fairly horrible, even by my standards but I was happy with the way the models look.

    I won't have a display board unless my dad has something suitable in his modeling collection. I can't really fly with a fully modeled display board, so it would have to be something from my dad's hobby room when I get up to Illinois.

  3. Yeah it's a pain in the ass to fly with a display board. Battle Foam has a cool (but really little) portable one. I made one that has magnetized terrain on it, on plywood that hinges in the middle. Just put it in a (big) suitcase and call it good.

    That being said, that board was pretty frustrating to build. I won't be doing that again, probably.

  4. Congrats. I LOVE your blog and your wonderful attitude. (esp regarding forums)