Tuesday, April 26, 2011

WHFB: 'Ard Boyz Semis Scenario Review

Hey all.  I imagine this won't be a hugely popular article, since probably about 2 of you will be attending the Semis for Fantasy, but I thought I'd give it a go anyway.  I really wish I was going, but I had other obligations on Prelim day and I was shut out.  Next year!

Scenario 1: The Changer of Ways

Pitched battle, 6 turns.  Kill points instead of Victory Points.  Hmmm.  Rare units worth 8 kill points!  Whoa.  My Dark Elf list gives up 32 kill points... from it rare slot.  That's nasty.  This scenario ought to be called "let Chaos win."  Both Warriors and Daemons get most of their killing power from Core.  If your Round 1 opponent is Warriors and you're Skaven, Dark Elves, or High Elves, you better plan on tabling him because you won't win the kill point game.

Wacky rule: everytime a wizard casts a spell, roll a D6 and on a 1 the Wizard suffers a miscast.  Further help for Warriors of Chaos.  Infernal Puppet anyone?  With all the miscasts floating around, modifying them by a D3 in either direction is strong.  Be sure that your own wizards bring some miscast defense.

Scenario 2: Crazed Fanatic

Dawn Attack, 6 turns.  Straight victory points.

Wacky rule: there is a Crazed Fanatic at the center of the table and moves randomly.  Any unit it touches takes nasty hits and can capture him.  If you capture it at the game end you get +5 battle points.  If the unit holding him is destroyed the Fanatic is released again.

This scenario favors bigger units that can absorb the hits from the Fanatic, as MSU units will likely get destroyed.  Honestly, if I was playing my strategy would be to avoid the Fanatic and just try to win the game.  If I can grab him on the last turn, great, if not, no big deal.  +5 battle points is a big deal, so it may be tempting to go for it early.  Don't throw away a +20 massacre in an effort to get +5 bonus points.

Scenario 3: Wez Is Betas Dan Yuz

Blood and Glory.  6 Turns.  Straight Victory points with a bonus +500 points for the side that makes the other reach the breaking point first.

No wacky rules.  So because of this scenario you have to bring a few more banners on your units than you might ordinarily.  Not a huge deal.  You also get a bonus point for breaking the enemy.  This will be hard to get a massacre on.  Chances are your opponent will break before you open up a victory point window large enough to get a massacre.  Two schools of thought, try to crush the opponent in one big turn to end the game quickly OR try to delay it over several turns so you can kill more of the enemy units that DON'T have banners to maximize your victory points. 

All in all, these scenarios suck, but not nearly as sucky as the prelims.  Don't they get that when you have a tournament designed to "prove" who the "best" players are, you should keep the scenarios minimal and let the players beat the other players rather than have a player lose to a scenario?


  1. My Skaven will also have 32 KPs just in Rares. My friend playing High Elves has about 30 KPs...total. I'm considering dropping both my WLCs because of that scenario, or even playing for a draw in that situation.

  2. Lol, the killpoint one is dumb. I honestly don't understand why they're going so crazy with these weird scenarios. Just give me a few 'normal' ones and I'll be happy. Like you say though, these ones are a lot better than the prelims.

    At least I won't lose my ENTIRE ARMY to the scenario this tournament.