Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Today in Awful Warseer Tactics Part 15

Here we are again.  How did we get here?  I must admit since I started doing this series, the bar has been raised in my mind for what I would regard as worthy of making a post about it.  So you can imagine that this one is pretty amazing.  It is a fairly short thread, by Warseer standards, but the original poster is so dumb and the responses so ridiculous that it has significant merit.

I also want to add, that I believe these are all adults.  It's possible the OP is an 11 year old, but I doubt it.  I have very little doubt that that he is at least 16.  Keep that in mind.

rcm2216: Has the meta game come down to who can kill the transports first and kick the troops out, then deal with the heavier armored vehicles later?  This is what it seems like to me.  The smart player probaly needs a list that is fast without transports and it wastes alot of anti tank firepower on small targets.

What say you?

I say you're as dumb as a sack of bricks.  For starters, the term "meta-game" doesn't mean what you think it means.  Yes, it is fairly safe to describe 5th Edition as a battle of mechanised forces, but that has nothing to do with any concept of "meta-game."

And guess what?  The smart player DOESN'T need such a list, because smart players know the list already.  You should have said that the dumb player needs it.  Also, I reject your proposition that a foot/hybrid based army has to be fast.  If you have reliable long range firepower you don't really need to be that fast.

Zealot!: fast w/o transports sounds like an elite list to me. less models = easier to get outplayed in the movement phase if you don't get a few choice transports open by turn 2.

More stupidity.  Fast without transports is an elite list?  Blood Angels 5 man Jumper units are elite?  You can have 6 units of 5 jumpers with melta/inferno for very few points.  Ironically, BA jumper lists tend to have more bodies than standard Marine mech lists.
Harrold: Wasted anti-tank fire can just as easily be directed at your high-value units. I'm just fine with turning a squad of lascannons on some tougher infantry if there's no armor on his side of the table.

Your 'shoot the lascannons at my 5 man combat squad' plan sounds like a real fucking winner.

Kelanen: Not most codexes, but all Imperial (and CSM) codexes.

Eldar, Tau, Necrons (Monolith is essentially a transport) have damn expensive transports.

Gee, what do those codices have in common?  They weren't written for 5th Edition!  How much do you suspect Devil Fish will cost in the next Tau book?  How much do you want to bet that Wave Serpents cost only slightly more than Razorbacks in the next Eldar book?
One Mean Duck:  this thread is the reason i think jumppack / shooty BA is one of the most powerfull armies out there.. Run assaults squads with jumppakcs and maybe vanguard with 2-3 rifleman dreads, some typhoons and such for opening tranpsots.

 You were so close.  Jumper/shooty BA is a powerful build.  Just not with the rifleman dreads and Typhoons.  Missile Devs with a priest bubble > Riflemen in the BA book.

Latro_:  I'm finding a good way to build a list is that its focus is to kill a11-12 dead with re-usability for big stuff, i'm loving multimeltas at the minute esp attack bikes.

So a good way to build a list is to start by acknowledging that you're playing 5th Edition.  Good start.
The Gribbly:  Its not so much the 'meta game' as it is just 5th edition. 

I love you.


  1. I think you dismissed Harrold's comments a bit too quickly, but these guys do have some learning to do.

    The problem is that people get taught more about what to use than how to use it. There's a wealth of information out there about 40k, but very little of it approaches understanding the underlying mechanics of 5th Edition.

    I'd say these are some of the more intelligent Warseer posters. That saddens me, but at least some of them are looking for information to get better.

  2. People thinking the "meta-gaming" is dictating the use of transports is kinda odd to me. Transports are good (and cheap for 5th ed codices) under the current rules so we tend to use them. How is this so hard to grasp? However these people might not remember the mobile coffins(i.e. how horrible)transports were in 4th edition thus they are explaining it with "meta-gaming". Not sure.

    Maybe a foot army with fast troops and some long ranged fire power is what the OP needs. Blood Hammer would be ideal for him as you said and maybe some for of Nids. Not sure what else could pull this off?

  3. Lol, excellence had by all. This thread is a large reason that I never go to forums, except to get traffic for the Batreps I write. Even if there is good advice to be had there, it's so surrounded by dumb people's advice that it's hard to tell who to believe. In the end, I prefer not to spend hours digging through the mire. At least the blogs I read I know roughly what to expect (good advice, etc.)

    Probably why there are about 9 million blogs out there these days.

  4. Looking back on my comment theres definately a few holes there but I also didn't say that my statement was sweeping and canon. Thanks for featuring me on your blog though, it's a real honor.


  5. In all seriousness, if you post enough on Warseer, you'll eventually say something dumb. I'm sure if you searched my post history you'd find me saying something cringe-worthy. Heck, search this blog and I've said plenty of dumb stuff. The point is, we all say dumb stuff, own it and move on.