Monday, April 18, 2011

My Grey Knights Crowe List

As you have seen, I finished getting my GK to be battle ready.  So it's time to have a couple games.  I'm going to try to get a couple games in this weekend, and I'll post some bat reps here next week if I do. 

Like you can see from the pictures, I have a list in mind.  It's not the most competitive list in the world, and I don't expect to go 8-0 at NOVA with it.  But my goal is to put the experience > list theory to the test by getting so many games in with it that I can bring it to respectability. 

Castellan Crowe
4x 8 Purifiers w/ 2x Pyscannon, 5x Halberds, 1x Hammer, Rhino w/ Dozer Blades
3x TLAC Dreadnoughts w/ Psybolt ammo
2x Venerable Dreadnoughts

Very simple list, really.  Pretty good anti-tank.  Pretty good anti-infantry.  9 vehicles at 2k is hardly mech saturation, but it should be OK.  I considered going down to 5 man MSU squads with psybacks to maxmize firepower, but the issue I ran into mentally was that the list wasn't going to be an uber MSU list and going MSU shouldn't be a half-measure.  Either go balls out full MSU, or go with big threats.  I went with big threats.  

Why Dozer Blades?  Well I only have 4 Rhinos.  I'll need to get really good at abusing using cover/terrain to keep them alive.  Dozer blades allow me to use terrain to my advantage without the side effects of getting immobilized all the time.  Plus there were some extra points free that had literally no other good uses.  Dozer Blades were a ton better idea than master-crafting Daemon Hammers, after all.  If I had another 10 points I could have given the Venerables TLAC and psybolt ammo, but having a pair of reliable multi-melta platforms isn't exactly a bad thing for the list to have.

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