Saturday, April 16, 2011

40k Hobby Update: Grey Knight Army Completed

The only thing I have to do is paint my Rhinos, but that will take a day at most.  But here it is, my 2,000 point (sans Rhinos) Grey Knights army painted and based.

Group shot.
More Purifiers!

Group shot of my Dreadnoughts and Venerable Dreadnoughts

Dreadbash close up!

The much maligned Castellan Crowe

Closing group shot

I know I'm not a great painter by any means, but I am fairly proud of how these came out.  Can't wait to get some games in now as I prepare for the NOVA Open with them.


  1. Nice man, they look awesome for how much time you put into them! In the time since you started their painting, I've gotten... well, like 3 units of Dark Eldar done, and I tend to get armies done pretty quickly compared to most. So, props on it :)

    One question: no transports?

  2. Well, in the meanwhile it took me to painted a 5 man Blood Angels squad, Mr. Νικηφόρος painted an ENTIRE army. Well done sir :)

  3. Haha. You knocked those out pretty darn quickly. Now if only I could do the same... ;)

  4. Yeah I've always been a fast painter. It's a combo of always picking relatively simple schemes and my OCD compulsion to not play unpainted armies.

    Xaereth, I have Rhinos/Razorbacks, just not painted yet so they aren't pictured.