Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hobby: Space Marine Bike Command Squad

Hey all.  Wanted to display my progress on my bike command squad.  They are now fully assembled and ready for primer.  I think they came out cool.  I'm going to dread 6th Edition when the next SM codex comes out and they aren't legal.  But they will be fun for now.

Group shot including my Captain.

Librarian on bike.

Apothecary.  He looks pretty cool, I can't wait to paint him.
And so...

Two vets.
From a modeling standpoint, I couldnt put a meltagun, lightning claws and Stormshield on every model, so I spread the equipment around in a way that it would all be represented and I could at least claim WYSIWYG.

Last two vets.
Another meltagun and stormshield dude, and a plain old vet with bolt pistol and chainsword.  As I like to call him, Sgt. Ablative Wound.


  1. A metal melta gun, where did you scrape that up from?

  2. I bought one of the meltagun bits packs from GW direct. $8 for 6 metal meltaguns. Not a horrible deal.