Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Odds and Ends: Wrap Me Up in Plastic

It's Christmas season and many of us will be giving and receiving some pretty nice swag.  In that spirit, I've made a list of the models that Games Workshop should release in plastic that are so long overdue that it would be like them giving us a gift, despite the fact that it would be us paying for them.  I decided to do the top 5 Fantasy and 40k units, though thanks to Daemons there is some crossover.  Without further adieu...

Top 5 Metal Fantasy Models That Need Plastics in 2011

1.  Fiends of Slaanesh.

Fiends are not as strong in Fantasy as they are in 40k, but they are really good because there is nothing in the Daemons army that fills the role.  They are a fair bit nastier than Bloodcrushers, and somewhat cheaper too.  They don't have the 4+ armor save that 'crushers have, but those saves so rarely matter.  Plus, these are one of the best units in the 40k Daemon book, so this would be a must have model in plastic.

2.  Dark Riders

Dark Elf Dark Riders are not as ubiquitous as Repeater Crossbowmen are in Dark Elves armies, but they are found in a lot of lists.  And they cost $12.50 each.  And there are no suitable plastics that can be used/converted easily anywhere in the GW range.  Some have suggested using Glade Riders, but those look like Wood Elves, no matter how you paint them, they don't look as awesome as the Dark Riders should.

3.  Lizardmen Salamanders

Salamanders are beyond insanely good in 8th Edition.  They are by far one of the must have choices in the Lizardman book, since they are the best way Lizzies have of destroying blocks.  But they are metal, expensive and ugly.  A box of 3 plastic Sallies for $35 would be very excellent.

4.  Vampire Counts Blood Knights

Blood Knights with the regeneration banner are brutal.  But not nearly as brutal as paying $90 for 5 metal models.  I can't think that anyone would actually buy these as they are now.  Vampire Counts players have been raped by the cost of these for a long time, and they deserve these in plastic for $41.00.

5.  Hellcannnon of Chaos
The Hellcannon is, without a doubt, the one unit in any codex that I can declare that army cannot win without.  Warriors of Chaos just cannot win without the maximum number of Hellcannons.  So for an 'Ard Boyz list you need to spend $230 just on Hellcannons.  That's not so fun.  Granted any plastic version is probably going to cost $40 dollars, so it won't be a huge discount, but when putting together 4 of them you'll save $64 which is nothing to sneeze at.  

Top 5 Metal 40k Units that Need a Plastic Treatment

1.  Chaos Obliterators

A unit that you need 9 of in every list.  3 plastic Oblits for $35 would be a nice discount, and make putting together a chaos army that much easier.   Plus the customization options for these in plastic would be excellent.

2.  Grey Knight Terminators

These are some of the coolest, most drool-worthy models in the 40k line.  And they are big hunks of awful pewter.  How great would it be if they were plastic with customization options?  Pretty damn good.  On the bright side, of the 10 models on this list, this is the only one that will actually be in plastic in 2011 for sure.  April can't come soon enough.

3.  Eldar Fire Dragons

15 Fire Dragons are in every Eldar list over 1500 points.  Right now we get 6 for $35.  5 for $22 sounds a lot better to me, especially since every Eldar player has to purchase 3 boxes the day they decide to start the army.

4.  Tyranid Tyrant Guard

These are so good in Tyranid lists in 5th Edition.  But the metal models are about the ugliest things ever.  Plus they are a bitch to convert to having the options (lashwhips) that people actually want.  Combine good rules with an insane price, with an ugly model, and with difficulty converting and you have a model that is begging to be redone in plastic.

5.  Tyranid Hive Guard

These aren't as ugly as the Tyrant Guard, but they are just as cost-ineffective and the rules are even better.  I don't think a Tyranid list can be very successful without 6-9 of these and they cost a ridiculous amount of money.  As if buying 6-8 Carnifex kits to convert all the Tervigons and Tryannofexes you needed wasn't a high enough barrier of entry to starting a Tyranids list, you have to buy at least 6 of these things, preferrably 9.  And guess what?  They come in blisters of two, so good luck getting 9 of them.

So what do you guys think?  Did I hit the big ones?  What did I miss, what did I overlook?  I tried to avoid things like Thunderwolves since they dont even exist in metal and just stick with metal models that's need to come to plastic.  Thoughts?


  1. There are some DE that need models period, but I think you were avoiding that. I think it's a good list from what I know of WHFB & 40K.

  2. I think it would be entirely feasible to make a plastic salamander/razordon kit. Not that the latter is that useful, but hey, two birds one stone.

  3. on another tangent, i hope gw will get its head out of their ass and release the razorback turrets for las-plas and tl-assault cannons.

    i don't care if they are direct-only as long as they are cheaper than online-bits stores + fw combined.

  4. I've been watching salamander prices on ebay for a Eldar Exodite force, and wondered why they were always so expensive. So they're good in WHFB, eh? I s'pose screamers must be good in that game too--since they're typically pricey. Seeing those in plastic would be great as well.

    But plastic hive guard are practically a must. Though, since they just came out, I doubt they'll re-release so quickly...