Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today in Awful Warseer Tactics Part 9

I hadn't been to Warseer in like 10 days until this morning.  I can't say that bothered me, in fact, I was pretty happy about that.  But on a whim this morning I went there to see what stupidly bad advice was being distributed by 12 year olds to 12 year olds.  The 40k forum had the usual tactica threads, which rarely create something noteworthy.  No gold there to mine.  The Fantasy forum did have this gem, though.  The OP has a theory that mono-Tzeentch Warriors of Chaos is pretty competitive in 8th.  I'm going to be be short and sweet in my answer: mono-deity is not ideal, but if you HAVE to go mono-deity, go Tzeentch.  Tzeentch is the only mark that has the tools to be competitive in the movement, combat and magic phase.  The other marks are missing something in those phases.  What will the Warseer answer be?

Hashulaman:  Is mono Tzeentch the way to go for Warriors in 8th? Are they one of the best configurations in WoC? It seems that they have gotten the best buff of the marks, the new parry is a 5+ ward, making the already tough Chaos Warriors harder to kill and cheap marauders better tarpits. With the new magic items they can abuse them in rather excessive ways. A 3+ ward is about as good as it gets in the game.

Then you got the new magic rules, a Sorcerer lord getting +5 to cast, plus 6 with Skull of Katam, + 7-9 with Homunculus, Tzeentch sorcerers can easily get off Gateway with 3 dice in 8th. The Teezntch lore is now much easier to get off whereas in 7th you had to take a gamble with gateway.

Like I said, Tzeentch is the only mark that has play in every phase of the game that Warriors are relevant in.  Being the best overall, though, does not imply best at everything.  They ARE the best at magic and movement, but they aren't the best in combat.  So to be fully optimized you should bring combat elements from other marks.

Theorix:  Yeah Tzeentch is very good, but i think that all marks are viable, and a good way to theme an army. Slaanesh might not be the best overall though.

First, not all marks are viable.  Mark of Nurgle is downright terrible in 8th Edition, and with psychology mattering much less, Slaanesh isn't quite as strong as it was.  Second, I don't recall anyone saying Slaanesh was the best overall.

ETA: A mix of marks is still stronger. Khorne on marauders or halberd warriors, Nurgle on Banner of Rage knights, Slaanesh on horsemen.  

Right and wrong.  A mix is best, but your examples are shit.  You still use Slaanesh horsemen?  What edition do you play?  Banner of Rage Nurgle Knights?  Don't answer that last question, you are hopelessly stuck in 7th Edition.

Enigmatik1: 8E stacked the deck heavily in favor of Tzeentch (+1 to cast and an inherent, stackable Ward save) and Khorne (Frenzy).

Whoa the correct answer!  This almost always happens in Warseer, but the post is ignored.  Let's see how it unfolds...  

PurpleSun: At one point a while back I converted my whole WoC collection to Tzeentch and run have run a 3,000 point all Tzeentch list for a while (Marauders, Horsemen, Warriors, Chosen, Knights, Hellcannons, Warshrine list). I find it to be the best WoC can field. 

I find you to be the worst that Warseer can field.  Go play your Thousand Sons 40k army and leave us alone.

CaliforniaGamer: or me: Tzeentch/Khorne +/- unmarked.  Also well supported combo in the fluff literature. "Palace of the Plague Lord" by Werner comes to mind as a strong example (Tzeentch and Khorne teaming up vs. the dreaded Nurgle).Blood for the Blood God is also a good reference. Kinda the muscle and the brain concept. 
No one gives a squirt of piss about your goddamn fluff based argument, you FAS baby.

Doommasters: can anyone post there mono TZ list? I like the idea of running a mono god and i find Khorne to be a little hit and miss sometimes. 

Take your minis and army books and throw them in the trash.  Then go ahead and delete the Warseer link from your favorites.  You'll thank me later.

VoodooJanus: Haha, I saw the greatest thing happen the other day with this [Infernal Gateway]. A fully decked out Lore of Life Slaan in a Temple Bunker got hit with this spell and the WoC player rolled a 12 for strength. WAY more effective than Psun, haha. 

Run the math on that and get back to me.

Hashulaman: Myself I think a 5++ is better than a 6++ 

You're such a genius, I think you may have to go live in a lamp. 

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  1. We were just talking about these guys on Monday, but in 40K terms.