Sunday, November 14, 2010

Computer Issues

There was a whole bunch of stuff I wanted to get done this weekend, but thanks to my nVidia 8800GTS dying, I got basically none of it done.  Including modeling and painting.  Plus it's never fun to plunk down for a new video card at Best Buy prices unexpectedly.  If I knew I was going to need to a card I would have gotten one from newegg and saved a bunch.


  1. My card died on me too. It was the 8800 GTS 640M version. If your died at the same time is this a coincidence or a dodgy driver update?

    I turned my machine off and everything was fine and then the next day when I turned it on it failed the POST one long beep followed by two short. What happened to yours?

  2. Mine started artifacting out of no where, not even under any load. Then the driver would crash and recover. But about 30 seconds later it would crash again and BSOD. I searched online and it seems like a very common problem with any nvidia card from the 2007-2008 era and there is no solution as of yet.

    The only real solution anyone has suggested that is 100% assured of working is "buy a radeon." Which I did.

    I have other big (in a bad way) news that I'll share tomorrow.

  3. If you bought the original from best buy, they have a lifetime warranty on them. So you can just bring it in and get a new one or a refund for the amount if they don't have the old one to replace it with.

    Buying graphics cards from best buy = best idea ever.