Monday, November 22, 2010

Hobby: Painting Dark Elves

Since I've been injured and not able to do anything physical, I took the opportunity to get my Dark Elves finished up.  All I have had left to do for about two months was two Reaper Bolt Throwers so it wasn't a huge deal, but it was one of those never-ending projects that I wanted to push out so I could move on to other stuff.

Even though I am a rubbish painter, I thought I'd do a step by step pictorial so you can see how my table top army is done.  This whole job took about 2 hours, so what I lose in skill and technical ability, I make up for with speed.  Here we go...

This is the primed Reaper and crew.  I always prime black, since it's good for speed which I value above anything else.  Plus, I usually paint dark colors and black basecoat suits that the best.

I do a quicky boltgun metal dry brush on the Reapers.  These aren't going to get a lot of detail, and this is a quick way to get that simple, dirty mechanical look.

Here I block out all the boltgun metal areas on the crew.  I also dry brush the boltgun metal on the chainmail sections.

Finishing the Reapers, I paint the bolts brown with red feathers.  Simple, no high lights.  I could put another 15 minutes into high lighting these to make them really look good, but I'd rather not.

Back to the crew, I block out all the purple sections, and unseen, all the flesh, bone, and paper.

In this step, I do a badab black wash on all the armor and weapons.  I also do a thick wash of Leviathan Purple on the purple parts of the crew.  I add a Sepia Greyphone wash to the bone and parchment areas.  Let sit for about 2 hours and...

...add Shining Gold details to the models.  This completes the painting.  If these were more important models and not wound counters for a warmachine, I'd do highlights, but these don't merit that.  So last step next.

Basing the models.  I use the basic Games Workshop Snow and some white glue.  The only thing left to do is give them a quick spray with some sealant and they are ready to play.


  1. Very nice results for just a couple hours of work, congrats on finishing your Dark Elves.

  2. Nice. And it's putting me up to doing some more work on my own poor, neglected Druchii, so thanks!

  3. Heh, I wish I could paint that many models that quickly. My average time is like 1.5 hours per model, so this would likely take me around 8 hours give or take.

    I actually have those exact models sitting around waiting for paint too, though I'm not sure when I'll ever get to using them...

  4. I've stalled again on the Mexi-Marines (time more than anything) but this is giving me encouragement to try and hit them this weekend when I am stuck at home with nothing else to do.