Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hobby: Painted Space Marine Bike Captain

I had some free time yesterday to throw some paint on the Bike Captain I assembled.  Again, I don't claim to be a good painter, but hopefully I can maintain at least a decent table top standard.  I took step by step pictures and I'll comment on each step.

Step 1.  Here is the Captain primed black. Nothing really complicated to say here.

Step 2.  I put on the base coat of Adeptus Battlegrey.  My color scheme is pretty general so I can alternate between Templars, Wolves and Vanilla as I get the urge.  Black with grey highlights make it easy to do.

Step 3.  Base coat of Boltgun metal on all metal parts.  The exhaust tubes and bolt guns are dry brushed and the land blade is painted straight.

Step 4.  Base coat of Burnished Gold.  As much as I love Boltgun Metal, I hate gold.  I hate it so much I'm tempted to learn NMM so I cant ditch crappy gold paint forever.

Step 5.  Put Dheb Stone on all the things that will be cloth or bone.  This is another of my favorite paints.  It covers black primer very well, and it can either be highlighted up to white or bone or browns.

Step 6.  I do a Badab Black wash on the boltgun metal areas to reduce the brightness of the metal and to fill in the crevices.  I do a Leviathan Purple wash on the gold.  A purple wash on gold makes it look like aged gold, which goes well with the idea of Marine armor being ancient.  I due a Sephia Graphone wash on the bone/cloth areas.  It's really amazing on bone giving it a weathered and aged look.

Step 7.  I do my first highlights  of Codex Grey highlights on the grey areas, Mithral Silver on the boltgun areas, and then Burnished Gold on the gold areas.  I don't have the patience to do expert lining that some people do, so my highlights don't have that crisp look that good paint jobs have.

Step 7 Continued.  This shows a closer look at the silver and gold highlights on the Storm Shield and Bolt Guns.

Step 8.  Astronomicon grey final highlights on the grey parts and Shining Gold final highlights on the gold parts.  I do a Blazing Orange highlight on his eye lens and a codex grey highlight on the tire treads.

Some shots of the finished product.  Not that anyone would ever ask me for painting advice, but it's not a terribad job for about 2.5 hours.


  1. As always, stellar work!

    When it comes to painting gold, I don't mind, but I cheat: I use Testors enamel. First time every time! The stuff works great.

  2. Very nice looking. Clean and simple, which is my preference as well.

    As an alternate perspective on gold, I use a bronze or brass color with a wash and a highlight. Most people can't tell the difference, and it's way easier.

  3. That Warriors of Chaos lance looks surprisingly natural. The forearm guard fits in brilliantly.

    Paint job is fine. What are you going to do with the base?

  4. I like that a lot. I also love how versatile you made it- that's something I will possibly consider when I finally get an army and start painting.

  5. I usually leave my bases black unless I play in a tournament that requires basing, and then I do something simple. I loathe basing. Though my Dark Elves army is completely based for some reason.