Saturday, July 30, 2011

WTF 'Ard Boyz

With all the NOVA prep stuff around the net and in my brain, it was easy to miss the fact that 'Ard Boyz is coming up next weekend.  I'm not planning on attending the semi finals even if I qualify for it, so I am putting much less pressure on myself.  Anyway, I realized that the list I want to play I don't even have all the models together for so I've been making progress today.  These definitely aren't modeled or painted up to my normal standards, but I suspect they will be Golden Daemon compared to what other people bring to 'Ard Boyz.  Sad.

Anyway, here is my WIP Templars.  Not pictures are Rhinos and Razors since my GK are current using their rides.  I'm guessing the GK will lend them the vehicles for next weekend, though...

Nothing puts me in the mood to model/paint like a lazy Saturday with baseball on TV...


  1. I can make out it all but the troops...

    (5) Las/Plas x 2
    (10) MM/melta x 3

    I assume it'll be 2 razors and 3 rhinos? Can I assume the Dread is Venerable too?

  2. Correct on all counts. Good eye.

  3. dropping the MM/melta units to 6 would give you points for a 4th unit and rhino. Few less bodies, but more vehicles, more melta. There'd be a few points spare too.

  4. I would agree with Brother Loring, except that those squads appear to also be Close Combat squads and dropping their numbers from 30 to 24 could be the wrong move. Probably a good idea but I have a few doubts.

  5. If Nike is running AAC, then I may consider keeping the larger squads. If not, I go with 4 melta units.