Thursday, July 14, 2011

NOVA: Six Weeks To Go

Unlike most bloggers planning on attending NOVA, I'm not freaking out over the looming date.  My army is painted and based.  My list is set.  My travel and accommodation arrangements are... arranged for.

So what am I going to do these next six weeks if I'm not wringing my hands over my list, or burning the midnight oil painting, or frantically trying to get someone to let me sleep on their hotel room floor in exchange for booze?

Locked and loaded
1.  Playtesting.  I haven't attacked this tournament with the intent to win.  I didn't make a gauntlet and I didn't seek to get any special information about the metagame that would give me huge advantages.  Why?  For starters, time.  Time is money, and I just don't feel the need to put in hours (days?) of playtesting to improve my chances to win swag I don't really need and hearty congratulations I don't really want.  Secondly, my goal simply isn't to win NOVA.  I'm going there to have fun, throw dice, and meet many of you.  If I go 4-4 I'll be happy with my win/loss record.  I don't think I need to playtest scientifically to eek out a 4-4 record.

But I do want to playtest a few games in order to learn about my list.  My theory is you playtest scientifically to learn about other lists and the metagame in general.  But when you are playing a newer codex, like I am, playtesting teaches you about your own list.  Basically, I need to know when to zig and when to zag.  My list is pretty straight-forward and easy to play, so I don't expect I need 100 games to figure out the answer to easy questions, but I'd like to get enough games in so that I can be proactive.

2.  Display board.  I'm reasonably sure I don't have the means to transport a nicely done display board.  I have to figure something out.  This is a mystery to me right now.  How I'll solve this dilemma will be pretty interesting, I'm sure.

3.  Making fun plans?  Friday I won't be playing 40k since I'll have my fill Saturday and Sunday, and I have plans with my local friends that evening, but Thursday night open gaming is free.  I'm not famous enough to get a Whiskey Challenge so I'll be content to play a couple 2k games against whichever of you out there want to throw down. 


  1. Nike: I'll throw down for the whiskey, challenge if you are interested.

    I'm also having a concern about a display board. I might have to make one and ship it to the hotel a few days before the event so I don't lose points.

  2. Nike, I only discovered your blog a few weeks ago when Kirby linked your mathammer posts, but this is great stuff. I'll be at NOVA too. Hopefully we can meet or play a game.

    This is my first time going so I'm not too familiar with the display boards. But could you make it out of something lightweight like a few sheets of foamcore? Perhaps make it in a couple sections of foamcore that you could pack and then buy a sheet or two of foamcore on arrival and glue it all together. You could do a basic paint and texture job pretty quickly.

  3. You mean you're not taking your Templars...

    If Laeroth doesn't go, you MUST pick up the mantle.

  4. Templars will probably be going to 'Ard Boyz.

  5. Due to a few generous people, I'm in a much better financial position to attend. Still not ideal, but better. Nevertheless, I have to finish building/painting my shit before then and I have a ways to go yet.

    But the Templars should be represented either way, as I believe BigDunc said he'd be coming.

  6. Cool man, cya there :)

    As for display boards... you can get an awesome travel one with minimal need for paint from Battle Foam for like $65. It's collapsable, and holds even MY whole Dark Eldar army. For something that's portable, light, and simple, that's what I'll be doing.

  7. I'm probably going low key with my display board. Cardboard box and Magic the Gathering Playmat. It may not require a lot of work, but it should look decent and at least get me 2 of the 5 points.