Friday, May 13, 2011

WHFB: Dark Elves and 'Ard Boyz Updated

Hey all.  Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but work has been nuts and combined with that, I haven't had much to post content-wise.  Anyway, I have changed my thinking on 'Ard Boyz level lists for Fantasy.

When I posted my last list, I was trying to play a very finesse magic phase.  I had a Level 4 with Death and a level 1 with Death and Power Scroll.  The obvious gimmick of first turn Purple Sun is nice, but honestly at that point level, and with the wonky anti-magic scenarios that 'Ard Boyz inevitably throws in, it's not reliable to have a single Lord level caster in a magic heavy army.  So I decided to ditch the Power Scroll gimmick and run with 2 level 4's.  But where to find the points for that!?  I solved the riddle and have a better list to show for it.  

Coming at ya!

Dark Elves 'Ard Boyz Chariot Spam 2.0

Supreme Sorceress
-Lore of Shadow
-Level 4
-Dark Steed
-Focus Familiar
-Pendent of Kaleth

Supreme Sorceress
-Lore of Metal
-Level 4
-Dark Steed
-Talisman of Preservation

[This is my much improved magic team.  I get the excellent chariot synergy of both Shadow and Metal.  Plus, thanks to a second level 4, I should be much more often able to dispel enemy magic late in the game.  The best part about them on Dark Steeds that people miss is that they get Look Out Sir! 4+ saves from being near the Dark Riders.  So they get a 4+ LOS save and then their normal Ward.  They will be really hard to kill outside of close combat.  And thanks to an 18" march, they will be really hard to get into combat with.]

Dark Elf Master
-Cold One Chariot
-Armor of Eternal Servatude
-Dragonbane Gem
-Shield, Halberd, Cloak

[Same as before, this guy allows my Stupid chariots to keep moving.  I got rid of the other master.  The LD9 bubble was nice, especially combo'ed with the BSB, but I feel like a second level 4 is worth a lot more to the army than a LD9 bubble, since I'm spending points on the BSB as it is.]

2x11 Repeater Crossbowmen

1x10 Repeater Crossbowmen

6x Dark Riders

2x5 Dark Riders

[The core remains much the same.  Lot's of maneuverability.  Lot's of shooting.  Ability to redeploy before the game starts to trap my opponents.]

6x Cold One Chariots

[The meat.  Do OnG and TK get more chariots?  Yes, do they get the same quality?  No.  Do they get the same caliber of magic phase?  No.  Do they get the shooting I have?  No.]

4x War Hydra

[The potatoes.  4 of these are hard to stop, I heard.]

Total = 3,000

Comments?  I think it's an improvement, do you?

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