Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Grey Knights Crowe List 2.0

Hey all.  So like I mentioned yesterday, after a lot of playtesting, there are some things I want to experiment with in my Purifier list.  Yesterday I made a list of the particular units I thought preformed well, and those that didn't.  Today, before I get to the list, I'd like to talk about some tactical limitations in the old list and how I want to address them.

You aren't going anywhere.

First, the list was constructed with only 4 scoring units.  That's on the low side for a 5th Edition 2k list.  Additionally, the scoring units were all large units of Purifiers.  Those are designed to push to the midfield, or enemy backfield, aggressively.  They were not good at sitting back on my backfield objectives.  It's a lot of points to invest in a large Purifier unit to sit back on an objective contributing nothing offensively.  And if you DO hold one back, the offense of units pushing forward was drastically weakened.  To sum up, it wasn't enough scoring units and it wasn't the proper construction of scoring units.  I won most of the games I played, but against top opponents with top lists, like I will face at NOVA, I would get punished.

Second, the large units of Purifiers were run in an 8 man configuration.  I liked the large units of Fearless units pushing to the midfield/backline objectives.  Though just T4/3+ bodies, being Fearless, good at shooting and good at CC made them very tough to shift.  But there were times it was very close.  Like 1 or 2 guys left sitting on an objective close.  I'd feel much more comfortable in their resiliency (and combat ability) to buff them to 10 man units.  I don't care what anyone says, 10 is not overkill.  If they had WS 5, 8 might be enough.  But put them against gritty opposing Troops units like Plague Marines or Grey Hunters and you'll see that even 10 Purifiers isn't overkill.  

So how do I reconcile these two ideas?  Well, since I want to cut the VenMelta Dreads, I have some points to play with.  Here is what I came up with for the 2.0 version of the list and my rationale...


3x Psyflemen

3x10 Purifiers w/ 2x Hammer, 2x Psycannon, 6x Halberd, Psybolt Ammo in Rhino with Dozer Blade

[So this is my offensive core.  These units push to the midfield or enemy backlines as the situation merits.  They can outshoot nearly anyone with 8 Str5 Stormbolters and 2 Psycannons.  6 Halberds and 2 Hammers makes them a legit combat threat to anyone who isn't a TH/SS Terminator or Incubus.  They are a lot of points per unit, and far from the MSU concept, but they are just damn efficient.  There isn't much you can't ask them to do and have them do it well.]

2x5 Purifiers w/ 2x Psycannons, 3x Halberds in Razorback with Psybolt Ammo and Dozer Blade

[These are my objective sitters.  They can shoot pretty well at anything closer than 36".  Anything pushing towards my backlines will be shot at, pretty roughly.  These guys fill a pretty good tactical role, in that they aren't ultra expensive, are good at baby sitting my home objectives, and most of all: they protect my Psyflemen.  Losing the melta-dreads mean more heat will be coming at the Psyflemen, so these units will have a bit more synergy.  The 1.0 version of the army felt like two separate forces: one that pushed forward and one that stood static and shot.  These two squads should do a good job of blending it into a cohesive force that has some synergy.]

Total: 1,998

So I lose two Melta Dreads.  I gain an extra scoring unit, and I make the scoring units I have a bit more specialized at their battlefield roles.  I should get some test games in this weekend, and I'm definitely nervous about the lack of AP1, so we'll see how it goes.  

Thoughts on the list?


  1. I think buffing the Purifier squads is a good choice. Do you think using Strike squads instead of purifiers would be a good idea? My reasoning is that your opponent would be dettered to deep strike any units (because of warp quake)close to your table edge so he will HAVE to deal with all the purifiers in the midfield. On top of this you won't have a hard time removing units from your objectives and you will avoid being surrounded.

  2. I really love the core you've built. I agree with the Antipope, perhaps make the Razor squads Strike Squads. This'll free up a few points to play with.

  3. Yup. I originally built the list with Strikes. The points I saved on them, plus dropping Psybolts from the Purifiers afforded me a Vindicare Assassin which I felt plugged the AP1 hole nicely.

    I could still go that direction, but I think in the long run having Psybolts on the Purifiers is worth not having the Assassin/Libby/Techmarine/Inquisitor that the points would pay for.

  4. Hm, I like the idea of the SS in there instead of Purifiers, actually. Vindicare can be excellent, and one of the SS could take a rhino instead, and have the Vindicare climb in, FTW.

    I like this list a lot better than your old one, primarily because of the Venerables.

  5. The part of my brain that likes simple lists and symmetry of form will not permit me to have units swapping rides just to enable a shitty Vindicare unfortunately.

    Vindicare is good at killing one tank per turn, yes. But over the course of the game I feel like having 2 extra psycannons (the upgrade to Purifiers on my objective sitters) and turning the Storm Bolters to Str 5 for 24 of my dudes is more important to winning the game. But I will playtest and know for sure.

  6. I was thinking SS on the backfield more for the warp quake than anything else. Not sure how much these units cost to be honest and if by freeing any point you could get anything useful.

  7. This is very close to what I ended up settling on for my GK. I have
    3x7 purifiers, hammer, halberds, 2 psycannons in rhinos
    2x10 GKSS, hammer, 2 psycannons and psybolts, with a lasplas razor
    3x psyflemen

    It gives me 3 long range killers, 5 pairs of psycannons, and 2 extra long rangers that get deadlier the closer you can get. Decent deepstrike protection, competent for counter assaults, but primarily it's going to shoot things to death. Same as your list, it may have troubles with AV14