Monday, May 16, 2011

Today in Awful Warseer Tactics: BoLS Lounge Edition

Before I start, I would like to reiterate that I say dumb stuff all the time.  It wouldn't be hard to scour my blog and find examples of me being 100% wrong about a topic.  So when I post these, I would like to reiterate that even if I call you "fucking retarded" I don't actual mean it personally.  It's just polemic.  That said, I don't want anyone who reads my blog to get mad when I criticize a post they make in one of these forums, OK?

So in this short thread, we have a guy who sounds pretty newbish mentioning that he is getting his ass kicked by his friend's IG army.  The GK list is super bad.  The IG list is bad but at least playable.  The newb asks what he can do to get to his 24" sweet spot when his opponent is blowing him up from range.

The right answer is...

1.  Get a list that doesn't waste 20% of it's points in two characters.  Drop the GM.  Use the points to buy another Dread and to get up to 10 terminators.
2.  Learn to choo choo train your Rhinos and make effective use of smoke launchers.
3.  Walk the Terminators up behind your Rhino wall, casting Shrouding.  If done properly, you will have 3+ cover saves all over the place and you can laugh at the IG shooting phase.

Unfortunately, he gets some rather bad advice out of the gate.  Let's go to the video tape!

Denied: So I have been playing the new GK codex for a while now designing the army list that fits my style of play.

Apparently not, since you're getting smashed and thus your style of play sucks?

The question I ask is what can I do against an army that has a ton of Str10 large blasts every where? I tried closing the field gap and even using cover and smoking he was able to easily pop all my Rhinos..... there has to be a tactic here I am just not getting and I would appreciate advice in this manner. I mean I had Alpha strike and everything it was just pure pain in the fight.

Yeah, I'd say.  Choo choo train Rhinos.  Smoke.  Shrouding.  Win.

 Dark Link: Rule #1. Spread the f*#! out.

I know you're talking about his disembarked infantry/terminators, but I just want to add that since the guy is clearly missing the idea of Rhino trains, spreading out isn't going to do much for him.  By then it's already too late.  Also, I fear that telling him to spread out will be misinterpreted as spreading out his vehicles.  This is turning out to be a pretty sad excuse for good advice...

Rule #2. Your GM grants the Scout rule. Take advantage of it, both to get to the midfield more quickly and to outflank a unit or two.

He should drop the GM from his list entirely, not scout up.  Outflanking with the terminators is cute, but guess what?  If your libby isn't with the terminators than where is he?  If he is with the terminators he isn't casting Shrouding turn 1.  Lose.
Iceman: So, I guess I don't have any great ideas other than going second.

You're an excellent contributor.  Please quit the game.

Darklink: you might just need to change up your list a bit. It's not exactly the best GKs can do against IG or really even in general.

And after a rough start, Dark Link recovers nicely with some actual good advice.

Sonicpara: Rethink the Halberds. IG are mostly I3 so you don't need to spend the points on the Halberds. Instead, save those points and buy incinerators, psycannons, or hammers when you can.

It's called not list tailoring, fuck face.  The guy didn't ask how to tailor his list to beat IG, because removing the Halberds would be pretty fucking obvious.  You have such minion level thinking.  Have fun picking your nose at your fast food job for the rest of your life.  

Denied: I see your point if I was tailoring a list specifically for IG, but in a tournament setting I need to still be versatile and the GM with psykotroke is a great tool to have against any CC army as he defend the line of Rhino's with squishy GKSS inside.

What the fuck?  You mean a 10 strong terminator squad with a Librarian isn't enough to defend your midfield against CC armies?  Those things are insufficient for the task, but add in a Grand Master and suddenly you stomp CC armies?  I'm fairly sure you need to listen when to Dark Link's (and my) advice to drop the GM.  Your heart is in the right place with not list tailoring, but you sound like an 11 year old and you have the mentality of one too.  If you want to play hero-hammer place Space Wolfs.  GK don't win by drop 500 points into characters in a 2k list.

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