Friday, May 6, 2011

Today in Awful Warseer Tactics Part 16: Bolter and Chainsword Edition

It is a commonly accepted truism (sorta like a fact, but not actually a fact) that Grey Knights beat Orks badly.  Their heavy weapons are exceptionally good at killing Ork vehicles, and their basic troops' guns are Ork killers.  Plus they have a commonly taken Elite unit that makes Orks cry.  Not to mention, it's a modern 5th Edition mech army which in general should defeat an average Ork army consistently.

So why did a B&C drone feel the need to ask for specific advice on how to tailor his list against Orks?  Really?  You have to tailor your list to beat Orks?  Fuck you.  I hope someone in the replies points out this absurdity.


Cmd Shepard: I'm planning to play Grey Knights in a highly competitive 2000 points match against Orks and I need your help in finding the best tactics against them.

Translation: I need help tailoring my list to beat an Ork player who is probably way better at the game than I am.

I don't know what list my opponent will play but I know how Orks are generally played at my local store.
The main body of the army is usually selected among these options.

1. Thraka and huge hordes of Boyz.
2. Huge hordes of Boyz. Thraka with a unit of orks in mega Armour.

Nevermind that part about the Ork player being good.

 1. Purifiers seems mandatory against Orks.

They are great against Orks, but in an army when the basic troops shoot and hit in combat at Str 5, they are HARDLY mandatory.

. The tech-marine's Orbital Strike appears interesting but I'm unsure if its cost justifies its efficiency.

If you think one pie plate per turn is going to beat Orks, you're smoking it.

3. Since I'll invest most of the available points in anti-horde/infantry units I may lack of anti-thank fire if he deploys Killa cans and/or deff dreads. Vindicare should easily deal even with AV 14 battlewagons. Beside he can target models equiped with power fist like weapons inside hordes, removing saves from HQ, etc.

Yes, Vindicares can kill one vehicle per turn.  Assuming that you kill the KFF guy first.  Oh, you haven't even mentioned the KFF Mekboy yet.  Which is the most important part of any Ork list these days.

4. Vehicles. Are vehicles efficient against orks or should I invest points in infantry units?

Both?  You do play 40k right?

7. HQ choice. Crowe is instrumental in making purifiers troops. I tend to include often an Ordo Xeno Inquisitor with a collection of grenades but I find a Librarian very useful against orks? What do you suggest?

Which one allows you to play the list you want to play most effectively?
God, what a fucktard.  Let's hope the relies are intelligent...

Magicman: I don't know alot about the GK Dex... Ive found pinning weapons to be really useful against them, since they usually park themselves in the backfield and stay there in small numbers. Keep pinning them each turn or get them to run off the board. 

You don't know anything about the codex, and then offer useless advice.  You're great.  There is a total of one pinning weapon in the book.  That will definitely shut down 3 units of Lootas.

Spartan249: I don't recommend a purifier spam list for one reason: tailoring. Purifier lists are a hellish match-up for any horde army like orks and tyranids, but they also have the weakness of limited deployment options and inadequate deep strike defense. 

"Limited Deployment options"?  Are you going to deep strike them even if they had the option?  No deep strike defense?  Proper deployment is the best deep strike defense.  If you deploy like a silly ass, Warp Quake isn't going to save you, buddy.

Thankfully, though, you were the first person to say the right word: tailoring.  Except the whole thread is about tailoring.  And you don't call him out on it.
Magicman: I'd pass up intimate relations for a week if i could have strength 8 autocannons. 

Why do I get the feeling that wouldn't be much of any sacrifice?

DarkGuard: Are you footslogging the Purifiers as well? The other unit I ran across on "3++ is the new black" was 8 Purifiers, 4 force halberds, 2 daemon hammers, 2 psycannons and a Rhino. 15pts cheaper, and you lose your two psycannons and two bodies, but you're more mobile, and more protected thanks to the Rhino.

I don't yearn for them [Str8 Autocannons], went up against them and my S7 autocannons won.

OH SHIT!  Kirby's virus has spread to these minions now.  Also, if you don't know why Str8 is much, much better than Str 7, I don't think anyone will be able to explain it to you.

DarkGuard: If you take the Vindicare out I'd consider something that can slaughter Orks in combat and act as counter-assault, like an Eversor 

Lol what?  An Eversor will die a horrible, horrible death to Orks.  He charges in, kills 5 of them, and then gets smashed quickly back.  Maybe you should actually read the articles on 3++ rather than admiring the pretty pictures. 



  1. w00t~! have been looking forward to another of these articles :)

  2. "Magicman: I'd pass up intimate relations for a week if i could have strength 8 autocannons.

    Why do I get the feeling that wouldn't much of any sacrifice?"


    Kirby... recommending Eversor to beat hordes since 2008! You heard it here first!

    You should have submitted this for last week's FNIF.

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  5. Em, I nominated him too the other day but it's okay I guess :P

    Great article as always! If someone asked me for advice on how to beat orks with GK I think I would suggest to him to reconsider a lot of stuff for the game he is playing.

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