Saturday, October 16, 2010

WHFB Modeling Project: WoC Kholek Suneater

I'm about a year or two late on this one, but I have a really cool modeling project finished for the Warriors of Chaos mega-character Kholek Suneater.  Kholek is a bad, bad man.  He is just as nasty in 8th Edition.  The drawback, though, is you won't have enough points to take him an a L4 Sorcerer pretty much ever.  So sadly, I'll never get to take him in anything short of a mega-huge group game.  

Anyway, check out what other people have come up with in their scratch builds for Kholek.  Some good, some really bad.  I think mine is the best and closest to the art in the Army Book that I have seen.  

I cannot take credit though.  My buddy Darryl is a modeling genius.  The guy is seriously magic with a Dremel.  I gave him a Shaggoth model, which is a giant, solid chunk of pewter and a plastic Lord of the Rings Ogre and this is the result.  

Again, Darryl is excellent on a Dremel but he is also no hack with green stuff.  I think the project turned out better than I imagined it when I bought the miniatures and visualized the end result.  Once I work through my backlog of projects (note the unpainted Bolt Thrower and other Bolt Thrower still in the blister) I'll get around to painting this guy and posting the results here.

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  1. Cool. Kholek does rock; I was tempted to try a Kholek-centered army a while back.