Thursday, October 7, 2010

WHFB: Dark Elf Sorceresses in 8th Edition Part 2

In part 1 we discussed the optimal builds for Supreme Sorceresses and how they interact with the rest of your list.  In this post we will talk about some of the more competitive builds for your hero level Sorceresses.  I say "more competitive" rather than "competitive," because there is greater leeway in the hero level ones.  The DE army (like most armies) needs a level 4 to operate efficiently in the magic phase, but a level 1 or 2 is usually optional.

So what are the good reasons for taking a hero level caster in addition to your Supreme Sorceress?  There are 3 major ones that I can see...
1.  You can ensure your level 4 will get a particular spell.  This is universal to most armies, but the ability to ensure that the uber spell from the Lore is on your Lord level caster is very useful, and having a level 2 is one of the few ways to ensure that he gets it.

2.  Suicide Caster.  Power scrolls + level 1s are normally a pretty shit strategy designed to beat noobs and club seals.  The DE, however, do it better than anyone else as they can throw 7 dice at a spell and have a 100% chance of getting Irresistible Force.  This really only works with Purple Sun as the other spells aren't nearly as potentially devastating.  But against another Elf army or Warriors of Chaos you aren't going to do that much damage and it may not be worth it.  

3.  Utility.  As I discussed, your Lord level caster should be build around abusing either the Sacrificial Dagger or Focus Familiar.  The optimal load outs don't leave much room for utility, which a level 2 can provide quite well.

What builds would I suggest?  Here are the ones I think are optimized to do what the hero level casters are good at.

Sorceress               160
-Power Scroll
-Tome of Furion
-Dark Steed

This sorceress is designed to get Purple Sun and has the mobility to get to a safe place in order to cast it as cheaply as possible.  If she survives the miscast she will have a second spell (ideally the signature spell, or something easy to cast) and can be annoying.  I still frown on the idea that power scroll shenanigans make a good strategy but this is one of the better ways to use one.

Sorceress               180
-Level 2
-Seal of Ghrond
-Tome of Furion

This is the utility brand sorceress.  Dark Elves are strong on offensive magic, but they are pretty weak as far as magic defense goes.  The extra dispel dice is never unwanted, and it is simply a better option for magic defense than anything else available.  Some people would debate me and say that a Dispel Scroll is better, and to each his own on that.  I think over the course of the game the Seal will do more for you than a single Dispel Scroll.  The Tome of Furion is used the opposite way from the Power Scroll Sorceress in order to ensure your Lord level caster gets the spell she needs.  This is just a solid, all around utility caster.  Alternatively you can change the Seal for a Dispel Scroll.  Another decent option is to change the Seal out for a Talisman of Endurance for a 5+ ward save to give her some defense.  I really don't think that defense is needed though, since a level 2 should rarely miscast, but some people sleep better at night with ward saves on their expensive casters.

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