Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dark Elves FAQ 1.2: People Who Can't Read Edition

Games Workshop is receiving widespread praise for their new round of FAQs, as it heralds a new era when GW will fully support their games with frequent FAQ updates in order to maintain quality.  And that is just great.  

I wanted to briefly touch on the Dark Elf FAQ because it is strange.  Not strange by GW standards, just normal human standards.

The only changes are changes that clarify the previous FAQ ruling.  Now don't get me wrong, trying to read the horrible English in the v1.1 FAQ was like trying to see through mud, but a reasonably literate person could easily figure out what they said the Ring of Hotek does, or how the Cauldron of Blood works.  So in the v1.2 they spell it out in painful detail for, I suppose, people who can't read well.

And all that is fine.  I'm just a bit jealous that we didn't get any buffs from it like some of the other books did.  I know DE aren't hurting for competitiveness, but it would have been nice for a small buff that makes a garbage unit like Executioners into a playable unit.

But I shouldn't complain much.  The overpowered army Warriors of Chaos v1.2 FAQ was dedicated to clarifying how Giants work.  Since Giants are such a competitive choice and all.

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