Saturday, June 30, 2012

Why I Am Not Blogging About 6th Today...

...too busy painting.  Going to try to get my 6th Edition Templars painted up to the (admittedly mediocre) standard of my Grey Knights.  Since I intend for those two armies to share Rhinos/Dreads/Razorbacks I want them to have matching color schemes.  Plus there are those times where I will feel like doing some Vulkan Vanilla lists and the uniform paint scheme will be an asset.

So I have applied the Boltgun Metal basecoat to my entire super secret 6th edition BT list and the next step is black wash, follow by mithral and skull white highlights, and then blue/red energy effects.  I'm guessing the painting will be done by next weekend, and then hopefully basing shortly thereafter.  Who knows, if they are ready you may see them at NOVA.  

If you want to hear my initial thoughts head over to Laeroth's blog where a good discussion of Templar related fun is happening.

Not bad for 5 hours of work

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