Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Today in Awful Warseer Tactics Part 18

And we find ourselves back in Warseer land.  It's been a while, hasn't it?  Mostly because I haven't been bored enough, or brave enough, to venture into that cesspool.

Today's topic is about Dark Elf Executioners.  Simply put, the models are beautiful and awesome but the rules are garbage.  They are a really subpar unit.  They have great weapons but since they strike last and have minimal defenses you either have to bring tons of them (bad because they cost a lot)  or back them us with a Cauldron of Blood (bad because it costs a lot when you think of it and the Executioners as a single unit).  But since the models are so cool, hope springs eternal and every few weeks someone will pop into a forum and ask how they can make them work.  This is one of those stories.

Fenrisulfr: I really want to be convinced that I should take some. Please someone give me a reason to take them over more traditional choices! Specifically, why should i take executioners instead of more black guard? 

You shouldn't.  Take more Blackguard.  Want the best of both worlds?  Play your Executioners as counts-as Blackguard.  That's all the advice you need.

Theunwantedbeing: 1. They're not capped at 20 models per unit so you can horde them
2. Giant double handed Draich's are hella cool, seriously though st6 makes a mess of things in a way that st4 just can't manage

1.  Great!  You can buy more of the already too expensive shitty dudes.
2.  Thanks for proving Str 6 > Str 4.  Then again, Str 4 Armor Piercing at Init 6 > ASL Str 6.

decker_cky: You should take them because they're a pretty cheap horde of high WS, high strength troops with hatred, and they'll generally be stubborn without a character. Perfect for a big horde, and perfect to boost with the cauldron that'll always be nearby.

They are NOT cheap.  Gnoblars are cheap.  Night Goblins are cheap.  Dark Elf Executioners are insanely expensive to horde up.  Oh and that Cauldron that's hanging around is a cheap too, right?

Mars: there's a lot of discussion about Executioners vs Black Guard vs Witches, which to me suggests that they're all powerful enough to make for a competitive choice. That and I only have the Executioner models and face a lot of Dwarfs and Chaos, so I find them rather useful. 

That is horrible logic.  Just because some internet imbeciles think Witches and Executioners are in the same league as Blackguard doesn't mean they actually are.
popisdead: Executioners are like weaker Bestigors (loosing Hatred second round).

Note to my readers: he was saying this as a compliment.  Really.

The rest of the thread devolves into an argument about whether or not to bring a Cauldron, which is assinine, because it presupposes that you are bringing Executioners.  Sorta like saying, "OK I contracted HIV, but would getting herpes make that better or worse?"


  1. lolz! nice have been waiting for one of these for too long now. man up and write them more frequently! :)

  2. The only way I can think of to make the Executioners tolerable is to stick a Death Hag Battle Standard Bearer with the Banner of Hag Graef (the ASF one - I think that's what it's called) in the unit. That takes them up to S6 I5 with Hatred, which isn't bad. Of course, it hinges on a lightweight melee hero with no armour who costs a hundred and fifty odd points, maybe more, so it's still not that great, but it's the best I've managed to get out of them.

  3. Lol at people assuming that just because others are talking about units that they're competitive. We should go start a thread about how awesomesauce vespids are and see who changes their mind. I bet there'd be a few.

  4. They're not THAT bad.

    Okay, I lied. They're pretty terrible. Bestigor aren't comparable due to T4 and hatred pretty much every turn.

  5. Yeah man I also missed the articles, please let us see more of them in the future.

    Don't know much about DE but ASL on a 1W T3 expensive model sounds like a very very bad idea.

  6. well said. The posts acutally deviated back onto taking executioners or not, with people saying not to take black gaurd instead because 20 man units are to small. How stupid is that.

    Whats even stupider is that their are even more threads about what dark elf units to take, with most people arguing executioners