Friday, October 21, 2011

Email In: Dark Elf List Help

Email In:

Hi there,  my name is Isaac chiang and am a big fan of your blog.  Found it when I was starting up dark elves and found it informative and helpful.  Now if I may, I would like to ask you for some help making a 2000 point list.  Its for a tourny and I know it won't be straight up beat your opponent.  There will be some objectives that does not emphasize winning at all costs, though I know there will be some players like that attending.  The armies I will be most likely facing will be Tomb Kings, Orcs and Goblins, Wood Elves, Vampire Counts, Ogres, and Chaos Warriors.  I enjoy using magic a lot and this is a list of models I have available.  I know it is a bit much asking you for help making a list but am hitting some serious writer's block haha.

Supreme sorceress on dark pegasus
3 sorceress models
5 shades
1 assassin
3 chariots
1 War hydra
20 Black guard
1 Cauldron
20 Corsairs
10 RXB
27 Warriors with spears
5 Cold one knights
10 Dark Riders
and a box of un-built warriors

Initial idea was to have 2 units of 10 crossbows, 25 spears, 18 blackguard, sorceress on foot and supreme sorceress on pegasus, cauldron, 5 riders, and 6 shades.  I am trying to make a good list out of what I have and trying not to buy any more at the moment.  Again, thanks for any advice you could give and thank you for your time.

Max me out!
This will be tough.  You have a lot of one-ofs.  That makes creating a focused tournament list rather tough, but you have some decent stuff.  I know you say you don’t want to buy anymore models, but quite frankly, you need a second Hydra.  There is no question about that.  Your initial list is basically a battleforce with some super trashy units. 

So here is what we are going to do…  The box of unbuilt warriors will go 3 into spear dudes, the rest into RXB.  You’re buying a Hydra; expensive but you’ll have to deal with that.

This I see you making best is a foot horde, heavy magic based around Ockham’s Mindrazor.  As you’ll see, there are no bad Mindrazor targets in the entire list.  Even if someone is in combat with your Warriors, they will be Str 8 Init 5, with Hatred.  Not bad.  And woe to someone who gets charged by a Mindrazored ADH Corsair unit with SSS or Blackguard.

Supreme Sorceress L4 on foot Lore of Shadow Lifetaker Sac Dagger
Sorceress on foot L2 Lore of Shadow Tome of Furion
Cauldron BSB

30 Spear Warriors with flaming banner
20 Corsairs with SSS and ADH

20 Blackguard with Banner of Murder
2x Chariots

2x War Hydra

So the nuts and bolts.  You have a horde magic bunker of Warriors using Power of Darkness and Sac Dagger to power out all your spells every turn.  You should actually WANT low power dice, so your opponent will have very little to dispel with.  In any event, the key to your turn will be when you cast Ockham’s on the unit of choice.  That unit should win combat with ease and make your life easy.

Your Corsairs should be in front of the bunker moving forward as fast as possible.  The Cauldron should be right behind the bunker spreading BSB love to the left flank and center.

Left flank should be monster mash, two chariots and two Hydra.  Remember, a Mindrazor’ed chariot has Str 8 impact hits.  Right flank will be held down by the Stubborn Blackguard

A lot of threatening targets.  Is your opponent going to ignore your nasty infantry to focus on Hydra’s?  Or ignore chariots and Hydras?  Tough decisions.

The only thing I worry about is the vulnerability to warmachines since you have a lot of big infantry units.  Not much you can do about that, but many of the opponents you’ll be playing against don’t have many warmachines and the ones who (OnG) I suspect won’t be maxing them out if their collections resemble yours.

Remember too, that even though Mindrazor is your #1 gameplan, there are times and opponents where Pit of Shades will be your big spell.  Against them, be sure to use Mindrazor as a bluff to draw out their dispel dice before you toss a Pit of Shades onto their horde of Savage Orcs.

Good luck, hope this helps.  Lemme know how it works out for you. 



  1. Hey there, thanks for the post about the list! Really appreciate it, I will try the list out a few times and see how it works. Two quick questions, no RXB at all? Also where would the other sorceress go? I think it looks pretty good and will see if I can get a practice game with it and see how it does and let you know before doing the final list for the tourny.

  2. I would put both sorceresses together in the bunker. There are some points left over, perhaps an Ironcurse Icon would be beneficial.

    I would definitely use the RXB if you expand to 2250 for sure, but at 2k you really need to focus on what you do best, which is chop shit in combat and cast shadow buffs/debuffs.

  3. Ah ok I see, think I can squeeze in any ward saves to prevent the inevitable miscast explosion?

  4. You could drop the Lifetaker and the Flaming Banner and add a Pendant on Khaleth.

    The Lifetaker/FLaming banner combo is pretty great, especially since Ogres will be coming strong soon.


    Make the L2 a L1 with the Tome so you still have a 96% chance to get the spells you want.

  5. Hmm, think I found a small problem. I don't meet the core 25% minimum requirement.

  6. Oh crap. Turn the Cauldron into a Master BSB, mundane kit, Armor of Eternal Servitude, Dragonbane Gem for 155. Put the savings into buying more spear Warriors.