Monday, August 22, 2011

NOVA Open: Let's Do This

Hey all.  This will be my last update before I leave for the NOVA Thursday morning. 

As I've said before, I'm playing my Purifier list, found here.  I know it's not bleeding edge competitive, but it's fun to play and hopefully my games will be really fun. 

Hopefully he and his two buddies drop heavy ammo on fools!
My itinerary looks something like this...


Wake up super early
Fly from Orlando to D.C.
Head to the hotel
Whiskey Challenge vs Hulksmash.  Last I heard Hulksmash was also bringing Grey Knights, so it should be a pretty cute game.


Sleep in.
Go to the national mall, since I've never been there
Head to the convention center to see how the Invitational is going
Grab dinner with my friends who live in the area
Get to sleep early because Saturday is going to be a long day


Play 4 games of 40k against stiff competition


Play 4 more games against similarly stuff competition


Fly home and recuperate.

For all those who will be there, definitely say hi to me.  After Hulksmash finishes trouncing me, I'll be up for a game or two.  For those who won't be there, you'll be able to watch Hulksmash trounce me on the live coverage.



  1. Yo, I'll be there as well but I'll be playing WHFB. It looks like it's gonna be a good weekend. Hope things go well for you. Good luck.

  2. Awesome dude, come say hi during the Invitationals- I'll be the guy who's getting tabled by some ridiculous WAAC Tau Vespid Spam list that I somehow wasn't prepared for :-p

    The blue Dark Eldar should give me away, provided I still have models on the table, haha

  3. Hard to say hi to you when I don't know what either you or Hulksmash look like! lol! Sorry I couldn't give you your Whiskey Challenge battle, but I hope to get a game in with you if possible. :)

  4. Good luck in the competition mate.