Monday, February 20, 2012

Email In: Dark Elves @ 2,999

mDz writes, “Hi there,

long time mostly-lurker of your site, I find your DE articles really helpful, which is why I thought you might able to assist me with a matter of not-at-all grave importance.  There is a big local tourney coming up in a few months time and I've been wracking my brains as to what to bring.  The problem is the points level - it's 2999 which is really fucking stupid.  At first, I thought about bringing 3 units of Blackguard which, to be honest, is still definitely an option but I just can't make it work, it seems like they will just die to a breeze. I thought about bringing 3 Cauldrons to assist them, but I'm not sure if that's a good idea.
The other thing I thought about was basically beefing up your 2500pts chariot list with some Cold One Knights, since they would be able to easily keep up and I could bring in quite a lot of them ( is it just me or are they sorta cheapish? ).
What about Hydras? I mean, at 2999 two of them seem like they would die quite easily but at the same time, people are so scared of them, they could draw a lot of firepower from the rest of the army. 
Should I just drop them and bring 4 Reapers instead?

As you can see, I'm in a bit of a rut and would really appreciate your input.




2,999 is indeed stupid.  The TO should just run 3,000 points without Grand Army rules.  But that would be simple and easy, but what do I know?

So since you don’t get Grand Army rules, we have to look at what we can best exploit within that framework.  Clearly, 750 points is enough of a Lords allowance to bring two Level 4’s, which I would most definitely do.  One Shadow, the other Metal.  Those would be a given.

At this points level, someone is going to bring a badass wizard in a magic bunker.  I think Shadowblade is worth bringing.  Sure, he will almost certainly get killed, but how valuable is killing Teclis or enemy Slann or Vampire Lord turn one?   Invaluable.  I haven’t played against an opponent where he wouldn’t be useful in a long time, the problem has always been having enough points to make use of him.  I would bring a Cauldron BSB for the rest of the hero points.

Spearmen magic bunker in Core, and the rest in Crossbowmen to fulfill requirments.

Max out Hydra and bring 3 Reapers for Rare.

For offense, two units of Black Guard, 3 chariots, and the rest of your points in a rather beefy unit of Cold One Knights seems good. 

It’s a very “mixed arms” type list, but without Grand Army rules and this amount of points, it’s hard to do otherwise.  I think it gives you the tools to beat anybody, and presents a ton of must deal with threats.

Thoughts?  Comments?  Questions?


  1. Thanks a bunch, I completely forgot to mention that named characters are not allowed. That's a hurdle that we're only starting to try and overcome locally. What do you think I should bring instead of him? He does free up quite a lot of points.

  2. Probably bring a fighty hero to protect the characters in your magic bunker, and a level 2 of Shadow. That way you get the entire Shadow Lore.