Thursday, January 26, 2012

Regurged Content: Dark Elves in 8th Edition... and a Rant!

Hey everyone.  I've been busy writing a comprehensive review of Dark Elves in 8th Edition for Kirby over at 3++.  The reviews attracted a lot of criticism from the usual know-it-all Fantasy players who show up when anyone blogs about Fantasy anywhere on the net.  While I disagree with Stelek about a lot of his analysis in Fantasy, I do agree with him that there is this odd group of people on the net who consider themselves Fantasy experts but don't have their own blogs and don't share their expert knowledge... except when they vehemently criticize those of us who do put ourselves and our knowledge out there.  

So while many of the things I think about Fantasy are opposite from Stelek, we both draw criticism from these goons, and much like Stelek I don't give a shit about them.  As far as I know, there is no NOVA style Fantasy event where people can prove themselves.  Most every Fantasy GT is heavily comped, while 'Ard Boyz is played at a ridiculous points level with ridiculous scenarios.  So as of today, there is no venue to decisively say what is (and who is) and isn't competitive, as there is in 40k.  All I have to go by is my experience and my interpretation of other peoples' experiences.  If you disagree with my analysis, fine.  Make a good argument and sway me.  If the extent of your argument is that I "don't know shit about Fantasy," then I have to take exception.  One, because it's a dumb ad hominem attack, and two, because I have done well in uncomped Fantasy tournaments and I trust my experiences.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy(ed) the Dark Elves articles!



  1. Let the haters hate! I like reading your fantasy stuff, even though I don´t always agree 100%. Yet that´s the fun of reading other people´s analysis, right? To see what other players think and learn from that.

    Keep it up!

  2. People are dumb. You've got very much the correct jist of what the best choices in a Fantasy book are, as well as a fair assessment of the competitive environment for Fantasy (thought it's not really one that I play in, I enjoy comp'd tournaments more). If comp'd tournaments weren't competitive at some level, the same people wouldn't keep doing so well in them.

    Stelek isn't good at fantasy; his list are either very gimmicky or just downright bad because he doesn't know the rules.